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The quality of LED panel lights depends on the diffuser and light guide plate used for what material

Apr 10, 2019

     With the development of social economy, the improvement of people's living standards, for the daily lighting, but also on a new level.Not only the product quality is better, but the beauty of the product is also the life goal that people have been pursuing.Especially for commercial lighting.Especially the smallpox of company office illume, traditional grille lamp already cannot satisfy people to beautiful pursuit.A beautiful display of atmospheric LED panel lights into the modern enterprise decoration preferred lighting.

     However, the price of LED panel lights in the market varies from several yuan to several tens of yuan.And to among them concealed information, how much does consumption know again? 

     Here, we start from the main components of LED panel light: the light guide plate and diffusion plate used by LED panel light. The LED panel light is designed with dots forming lines and then composed of lines forming faces to form LED panel light. Then the main components of the line forming surface are mainly used by the light guide plate and diffusion plate. 

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     Diffuser in the LED panel light use main block sundries and light diffusion effect, make the light guide plate out more evenly, diffuser plate main material: PC, PMMA, PS, PP, at this stage is the most used PS material, as to why is PS material for each big LED panel light manufacturer's favourite, the unlock solution for you! 

     PC -- polycarbonate advantages: 1. High strength and elastic coefficient, high impact strength, wide range of temperature;2. High transparency and free dyeing;3. H.D.T. high (hot deformation temperature is the temperature at which plastic begins to deform under certain pressure);4. Good fatigue resistance;5, weather resistance is good (weather resistance refers to the plastic products due to sunlight, temperature changes, wind and rain and other external conditions, and the appearance of fading, discoloration, cracking, powder and strength decline and a series of aging phenomenon.Among them, ultraviolet radiation is the key factor to promote the aging of plastics.;6, tasteless odorless harmless to human health in line with health and safety;7. Low forming shrinkage and good dimensional stability.Overall speaking, the stability of the PC is the best, fire rating is high, the safety certification is better, but in the production and sales of PC price is quite expensive, and in the installation of electrostatic is too large, it is easy to absorb dust, and artificial time-consuming expensive (PC double diffuser have protective film, tear is more laborious, haven't set some protective film, is very difficult to tear, some tore a piece should be several minutes), the light transmittance of PC is relatively low, only about 86%. 

     PMMA -- commonly known as acrylic (chemical name is too long to remember, interested friends can go to baidu) 1. Acrylic plate has excellent weather resistance, has a high surface gloss, and better high temperature performance.2. Acrylic sheets have good printability and sprayability. With appropriate printing and spraying technology, acrylic products can be endowed with ideal surface decoration effect.3. Flame resistance: no spontaneous combustion and with self-extinguishing.4. Acrylic is fragile and easy to break.

     Acrylic using specific advantages of LED panel light show the following 1. The cost is low, acrylic processing molding is easy, and cheap materials, so in the early days in the production of LED panel light, acrylic are multi-purpose 2. Good printing effect, LED panel light are monotonous, now a lot of trade agent like screen printing your own logo on LED panel light and lamps and lanterns of electrical parameters, so if the customer have need of a large area of screen printing, first choice, of course, is yakeli 3. Had to speak is an acrylic light transmittance, up to 90%,Ultra-high light transmittance has caused problems for it, though.It is well known that LED panel lights are backlit and have requirements for their planar sundries. Due to strong light transmission, it is difficult for diffused powder to cover sundries, so bright spots often appear.And acrylic and PC are attached to both sides with protective film, larger electrostatic, easy to absorb dust, production difficult. 

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     PS -- polystyrene PS has very good chemical stability, thermal stability, optical transmission characteristics, strong refraction, electrical insulation characteristics and very small moisture absorption tendency, can be used in a humid environment, has a high radiation resistance.It is resistant to water, dilute inorganic acids.At the same time with brittle, low impact strength, poor weather resistance, long-term exposure to the outdoor easy to appear yellow brittle phenomenon.Its heat resistance is poor, the deformation temperature is 70-90 °, only can use in the environment under 70 °, the low temperature resistant performance is not good, brittle temperature was minus 30

Although PS has many shortcomings, but in view of the LED panel light, its shortcoming is less obvious, its advantages, LED panel light generally use in indoor, the use of temperature in the 20-60 degrees, not long-term exposure to sunlight, so the difference of climatic influence also is not big, but due to its good chemical stability, and hygroscopicity of tiny, perfect in a room, also have to mention is its high refractivity, tiny dust sundry not obvious, because of its small static electricity in the production operation, no effect, production installation is very convenient, if you have small scratches,Gently scrape with a blade to remove.Still have its price low, production cuts easy, so a launch by the big manufacturers love, its transmission rate is not low, can reach 88%, although not as high as acrylic, but its advantages far more than acrylic. 

     PP -- polypropylene is a few pieces of new material sent by a supplier recently. According to the supplier, this material is cheaper than PS. PP is synthesized with other materials added.2. High light transmittance, similar to acrylic, up to 90%;3. Small static electricity, less dust absorption;4. No film attached to the surface, simple production operation.On the surface, he integrated the advantages of former three diffusion plate, the practicality should be strong, but it has a fatal weakness, in the production of 6060 LED panel light, due to its soft, natural down installed after hanging up, central to the guide plate distance up to about 2 to 3 mm, if can be a very good control on prolapse of faults, the diffuser will replace the PS material, become each big manufacturer, hope we can talk more about how to solve this problem, problem is solved or promote the development of LED panel light!

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