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New developments in LED plant light source and its lighting research and development

Jun 02, 2017

Light is the main driving factor for the implementation of efficient plant production in the plant plant of LED light source, which has an indispensable role in regulating plant growth and development, yield and quality formation. The adoption of cost-effective LED lighting products to a certain extent, both determine the LED light source plant production efficiency, but also determines the product value of goods, its importance is self-evident.

1.LED light source products are increasingly rich.

For the plant factory LED light source from scratch, from inferior to sophisticated, can not control to intelligent control, from high cost to low price, LED light source is fully meet the needs of plant factories. At present, there are multiple models, the series of LED panel lights, T5 and T8 specifications of the LED lights and light bar, water-cooled high-power LED lights board, high-power LED fill light, two-way LED light bar, these products Home business can provide, product design freedom, can be very good to meet market demand. However, the LED light source is still a lack of standards, urgent need to improve the development as soon as possible.

2.LED energy efficient application technology is being solved.

From the light source, light intensity and photoperiod setting and control angle of LED light source, it can improve the cultivation efficiency on the basis of ensuring the growth and development of plants through reasonable light quality, light intensity and photoperiodic synergistic coupling regulation. At present, through the light quality, light intensity, photoperiod control technology research has become the focus of discussion. For example, I would like to [3] proposed the use of lettuce low light adaptability, the use of LED light to improve production efficiency. Internationally, the plant plant LED light environment to improve the quality of vegetables to improve a lot of research, Bian et al [4] made a systematic review.

3.LED continuous light becomes hot.

Continuous light is an important light method to shorten the plant growth cycle, improve yield and improve quality, and has a promising prospect for specific plant species [5]. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development in the National Natural Science Foundation of the project "LED red and blue light continuous irradiation on high nitrogen water lettuce AsA metabolic network mechanism and its rhythm effect" and youth project "short-term continuous LED light Peanut Nitrate metabolism and the impact of the mechanism of research "under the support of a long-term research work. The study will reveal the mechanism of continuous light, plant response and its rhythm effect strategy, and ultimately provide the basis for the application of continuous light in the plant.

4.LED lighting rhythm research and development become the focus.

Circadian rhythm is the physiological characteristics of plant growth and development, but in the plant plant under constant light rhythm of plant changes will become the focus of research. The rhythm characteristics and evolution of plant rhythm under the conditions of LED red and blue light in plant plant can provide a scientific basis for the efficient application of LED light source.

5.LED light source space-time control technology is completed.

LED as a cold light source, can be close to the plant canopy for effective irradiation, improve light energy efficiency [6]. However, the plant height from the seedling stage to the vegetative growth stage, and even during the reproductive growth stage, was significantly different. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of light energy utilization throughout the growth period of the plant, it is necessary to control the vertical height of the LED light source, so that the LED light source is relatively constant from the canopy position to achieve the purpose of energy saving and high efficiency.

6.LED light formula increasingly rich.

At present, the plant plant can cultivate the plant species is very limited, must continue to expand the plant plant can produce plant species, increase leafy vegetables, root vegetables, stem vegetables, medicinal plants, flowers and other types and varieties. Verification of new plant species, varieties can be planted in the plant on the basis of large-scale production is the establishment of light formula, only the establishment of efficient light formula, in order to achieve intelligent control of light environment, in order to produce high commercial plant products.

7.Plant factory vegetables quality and high quality lighting technology is perfect.

High quality and high yield is the target of plant production, light environmental regulation is one of the main ways to realize high quality and high yield of plant. Through the regulation of light, light intensity and photoperiod, it can change the nutrient uptake, primary metabolism and secondary metabolic processes of plants, regulate the synthesis, metabolism and accumulation of sugar, vitamins, flavonoids and phenolic acids in plants, and finally affect the edible Part of the health care function. At present, in addition to photosynthetically active radiation, the role of ultraviolet radiation in the regulation of quality unique, reasonable UV radiation dose will be the focus of the study.


Plant plant development prospects, the next 5 to 10 years will reach the level of universal application. The development of plant plants mainly from the following aspects.

First of all, countries and enterprises to increase the plant plant research and development of investment and efforts, the industry confidence doubled. The national level is very much recognized for the development of plant plants, embodied in the following three events.

In 2013, the National "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" 863 Project "Intelligent Plant Plant Production Technology Research" was launched at the Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which indicated that the national level was recognized for the development and industrialization of plant plants , With a milestone meaning.

June 3, 2016, by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development, "facilities plant environmental engineering team" independent research and development of "intelligent LED plant" results debut national "second five" scientific and technological innovation exhibition, by The state leaders of the high degree of concern, which plant plant industry has a positive role in promoting.

June 17, 2016 China Lighting Society of agricultural lighting professional committee was established, to LED plant lighting plant-led plant to promote the national organization platform.

The above three major events have highlighted the national level of plant plants and related technology and equipment research and development of the recognition and sustained support, laid the plant and its related technology research and development of sustainability. National level of recognition and support, from the key common technology, production and research platform, public awareness, etc., to promote the plant and LED lighting industry development.

Second, the plant plant development of the basic technical reserves have been mature, the industry has taken shape, will soon enter the industry rapid development period. At present, there are more than 200 enterprises dabbled in the field of plant industry, launched a whole or part of the product components. Therefore, under the promotion of many favorable conditions, in the continuous development of social needs, in the continuous creation of cross-border innovation, China's plant plant R & D and industrialization development will shine, among the world's plant industry power Column.





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