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New developments in plant plants and their LED lighting

Jun 02, 2017

 The plant factory is the advanced stage of the development of horticultural facilities, which is a subversive farming and land use mode, which has important application value to solve the agricultural resources and environmental problems in the 21st century. LED light source is the plant factory's preferred light source, with the traditional light can not match the advantages of optoelectronic and agronomic applications, is rapidly entering the commercial R & D and application level, industry prospects attractive. This paper summarizes the new developments in plant plants and their LED lighting, and points out the future development and application of the key.

LED plant development of new developments

China's plant plant R & D and industrial development has been more than 10 years, has made brilliant achievements, the initial formation of the embryonic form. Especially in the 2013 National 863 project "intelligent plant production technology research" support, plant plant technology and equipment development speed. Throughout the plant plant technology and equipment and industry development, the following aspects of the new developments.

1Three-dimensional multi-layer soilless cultivation technology and equipment.

Three-dimensional multi-layer soilless cultivation technology and equipment is the artificial light plant factory essential essential equipment, but also the sun plant needs the urgent development of technical equipment. At present, a variety of three-dimensional multi-layer soilless cultivation technology and equipment based on NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and Deep Flow Technique (DFT) have been developed for leafy vegetable production. At present, the substrate cultivation of strawberries, aerosol cultivation of leafy vegetable technology and equipment, the rapid development of technology.

2 Intelligent control technology with each passing day.

Intelligent environmental control technology level of equipment determines the level of plant operation efficiency. Intelligent environment control based on the principle of plant environmental control, in particular the need for environmental factors coupled under the control of plant physiological response to the effect as a basis, has been greatly developed. Plant physiological mechanism of phytoplankton is being gradually revealed, coupled control strategy gradually mature, there are a number of related businesses and products.

3Industry development is extremely rapid.

In terms of China, no less than 200 enterprises engaged in research and development of plant factories and related technology and equipment. Is still the Pearl River Delta region, the Yangtze River Delta region and the Bohai Sea region of large and medium-sized cities for the outbreak, but showing a national radiation, and gradually spread the development trend. At present, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Sichuan and other places have plant plant industry germination, strong momentum of development. (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Fuqian Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Greenmian Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., and other well-known plant factories in Hong Kong.

4Industry segmentation market is gradually completed.

At present, the plant factory enterprise development model is divided into technical equipment type, plant product sales type two, the former copy project, promote the plant factory system equipment; the latter, the application plant plant production of plant products, especially high value-added plant products. From the type of product sales, vegetable products, home gardening products are the mainstream.

(5)Plant factory supporting equipment manufacturing is also developing rapidly.

Plant plants need LED light source, shelf, nutrient solution, control system suppliers increased year by year. For example, to Shenzhen Tim Lights Plant Light Source Technology Co., Ltd. as the representative of the light source suppliers, can provide the mainstream of the plant factory lamp beads products for the LED light source to provide a basis for creation. ,

(6) Sunshine plant plant fill light products increasingly rich.

In accordance with the theory of plant light environment and the basic threshold, combined with LED lighting advantages, LED fill light R & D in full swing, the product has been introduced, cost-effective year after year to improve. To Shenzhen City Bolekai Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. as the representative of the water-cooled LED fill light with market prospects.

(7) High value-added health care plants become the new darling.

Ordinary vegetable products due to low prices, input-output ratio, profit margins are limited, so plant owners tend to carry out high value-added health care plant production, and even deep processing of fresh products to improve the additional benefits.

(8) Countries and governments at all levels are more supportive.

With the national "second five" scientific and technological innovation achievement exhibition, the national leaders of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development of intelligent LED plant plant to give a high degree of attention and affirmation, the plant as a subversive farming Way, by all levels of government, industry association association policy of good induction and financial support, industrial research institutions and business units showed an increasing trend, the country showed rapid development trend.




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