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Night outdoor lighting color temperature should be less than 3000K?

May 22, 2017

LED street lights in recent years, the rapid popularization, but the American Medical Association (American Medical Association, AMA) recently issued a formal statement, warning if the LED lights too white too bright, will release a lot of blue, the public exposed, not only may be driven by glare and increase The probability of a car accident, the sleep cycle is also affected.

LED road light.jpg

Los Angeles, a bridge put on the LED lights (right), the light was significantly more than the past (left) more white and brighter. Shoot CNN.

CNN and the National Public Radio (NPR) reported that AMA on the 14th of this year at the annual meeting unanimously adopted a statement on how to choose LED lights to make guidelines, the purpose is to LED lights "on human health and Environmental damage to the lowest. "


AMA recommendations, night outdoor lighting, especially street lamps, color temperature should be less than 3000K (Kelvin, color temperature measurement units). Color temperature measurement is based on the light source in the blue, green, yellow, red light may be, the higher the color temperature that the more white light, the more the amount of blue light, which will produce glare, affecting the driver's line of sight accuracy and safety.


AMA also said that Blu-ray than other light sources more likely to inhibit the body at night secretion of melatonin, may lead to shorten the sleep time, poor sleep quality, poor daytime and even obesity.

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