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Old forces of the new forces

May 10, 2017

  The OSRAM split the general lighting business business access plate, Op market success, domestic and foreign brands of well-known lighting will usher in what changes ... ...

OSRAM split the general lighting business business access plate, Op listed the end of the success of domestic and foreign brands of well-known lighting will usher in what changes ... ....

OSRAM announced 2016 fiscal year Q3 earnings revenue of more than 10.6 billion

    Aladdin "light" point: giant or giant star will continue to be new?

     The third quarter of the financial revenue directly back on the previous OSRAM lighting business on the micro rumors, special lighting and lighting solutions and systems business began to work independently, as a stable revenue guarantee.

    In the near future, OSRAM will be split separately from the general lighting business brand Brande Vance sold to the wood Linsen, apparently in order to specialize in high-margin market business, and now, Osram's transformation and upgrading goals seem to achieve a stage of victory. It is foreseeable that the new technology and new applications extended by the LED will become the focus of the next international giants compete, on the other hand, the international giants have shifted positions in the context of domestic enterprises in the international lighting application market, Lighting market to enhance the brand image and global influence at this time to the critical time, efficient cost control and management capabilities and deep combination of technology research and development, but also to the domestic LED industry to bring positive impact.

Mullen Sen together IDG ho throw 400 million euros to buy OSRAM lighting business

     Although the success of the acquisition, but the road is still far

Recently, the most fiery news was undoubtedly the acquisition of Osram. However, from the industry reaction point of view, this acquisition case, it seems not too optimistic.

     This can not help but think of last year, Foshan Lighting and Osram parted ways. In fact, Foshan lighting and wood forest in some ways seem very similar. Mu Linsen is a name of the price of the butcher, the king of the same as the low price of low-cost well-known, earlier media media have disclosed that Oslo's purpose is to obtain their own earlier into the Chinese market to compete with Philips capital.

    With less than a year away from the Buddha, OSRAM has experienced two parts of the business split, and the successful sale of low-margin part of the business, its purpose is what we do not know, for now, although Philips The same experience with a similar problem, but its influence is still still, OSRAM still can not get rid of the shadow of Philips.

On the other hand, the acquisition of Osram woods, should also be felt in their own brand competition on the disadvantages. It is true that Mu Lin Sen fame is big enough, but the fame is not equal to the brand, Mu Lin Sen to the price of butcher fame, this impression once established, want to change quite difficult to buy OSRAM, a large part of the reason is to take into account the image with OSRAM heavy tree, Foshan lighting with eleven years time, and ultimately with the Oslo Laoyan Yan fly, wood Lin Sen want to use Osram to fight the country, the road is still far away.

   Op lighting debut listed, how to look at the industry big coffee?

Aladdin "light" point: the old and new domestic lighting order replacement of an important footnote?

     July 29 last year, Op lighting initial public offering, to complete the listing of the desire.

Speaking of listed lighting companies, sunshine lighting, NVC lighting, Foshan has long been listed success of the lighting, before Op lighting, three male aurora, LED is the most anticipated downstream of the unlisted companies.

    Despite the ups and downs of the listing tour, Op in the brand marketing and channel construction has long been a strength. The success of the listing, the industry commented as "a matter of course." The future, in the highly competitive, economies of scale highlighted LED lighting industry, capital advantage will be brought about by the expansion. At present, the Buddha was just classified as Sheng Sheng embrace soon, the sunshine successfully completed the traditional lighting to the LED lighting after the steady development of change, NVC lighting in the control of the dispute after the gradual restoration of stability, the woods in the domestic price after the war gradually widened to International areas, Op lighting listed success, or the establishment of a new situation in the domestic lighting, the Op one side of another important weight.



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