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On improving the energy saving of LED lighting

May 26, 2017

    LED lighting is the biggest selling point of energy-saving, but often limited by the cost of the product, materials, and cooling technology, making energy-saving demand for light efficiency because of the factors have a discount. Energy saving is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

One, the maximum energy into light energy;

Second, the maximum control of light to fit the human senses.

LED applications from the current problems encountered by the point of view, the above two points is clearly not good enough. The first is the LED "hot" problem, since there is cooling problem, it shows that the heat production of LED is quite considerable. We can simply analyze what LED problems and LED heat production:

1. Since the LED heat production is high enough to affect the heat angle, the temperature can be seen in general. On the LED light source sealant, what kind of material can withstand tens of thousands of hours of hot baking? Of course, even with such high-quality materials, but the high price will be prohibitive.

 2. On the life problem, in fact, very simple, LED chip heat will affect the LED light source itself, leading to light failure; In addition, will affect the LED lamp aluminum plate board life.

 3. It is because the heat generated by LED lights, so the need for heat. Compared to lightweight plastic, metal thermal conductivity is much better, but also much more bulky, of course, expensive.

Followed by the problem of light. Why in high lumen LED lights, we still feel the visual blur? The specific reasons are the following two points:

1. Our eyes long to adapt to natural light, and now almost all of the LED lighting products are monochromatic light. Relative to our eyes, whether it is warm or white, monochromatic light can not be a good restore the object itself color.

 2.Light lights produced monochromatic light although lumens relatively large, but according to not far. So we have such a feeling in the LED lights, from the lights on the special glare; from the lamp far and feel the brightness is not enough; by contrast, the effect of warm to slightly better.

The use of high-power light source can reduce the heat of the LED

 When the 3528 light source was born when the 5050 light source before the position began to shake. Many friends in the earlier comparison of the exclusion of 3528 light source, the reason is 3528 application side is relatively narrow, not so easy to sell 5050. And now, those who have complained about the 3528 light source friends in the appropriate time earned a pot of gold. Now more than 70% of the indoor lighting products are used 3528 light source. In fact, although the use of 3528 light source can save costs, but also bring some technical problems.

In general, a 1W light source produces about 3000 joules of heat for an hour; and two 0.5W light sources produce heat in about 3500 joules for an hour. So in terms of energy saving, the latter's light efficiency is low. To a 5W bulb as an example, if the use of a single 1W light source, a simple light source for about an hour of heat production is about 15K Joules; and 0.5W light source, the light source for an hour of heat production is about 16.5K Joule The

It is inferred that the same power, the use of 3528 light source than the use of 5050 light source to produce more heat, that is under normal circumstances, the same power lamps, high-power light source than the low-power light source. At the same time in the same light source power under the premise, with the increase in the number of light, aluminum plate heat production will be a corresponding increase.

 In addition, 5630 this LED package, has also been used by international manufacturers, but the technical need for a higher threshold, is currently a technology vendor to gain advantage.

As we all know, the light source of heat and the chip has an absolute relationship. Then in the control of the heat production of lamps, in addition to consider the use of high-quality chip package of light source, but also as much as possible to consider the number of lamp beads. And now many manufacturers in order to cater to the market, had to use low-power light source to control costs to increase market competitiveness. Of course, high-power light source in terms of heat compared to low power is no advantage, but with the high-power light source of this weakness gradually resolved and the price drop, the latter part of the market applications should have a good performance.

 Light perception problems can be mixed with light or shade

LED color light on the current color rendering index caused by low, many companies have begun to develop a variety of color temperature mix and match lamps. Of course, this effect may still cause the phenomenon of light uneven, which on the shade and lens put forward new requirements. Such as the use of high transmittance of the matte lens is very light transmission of the white shade.




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