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One of the real potential and purpose of a plant plant - food safety

May 23, 2017

Food safety highlights plant commercial value

Beijing Environmental Testing Agency announced the outdoor air quality as "heavy pollution", from Beijing area one hour drive Pinggu District Ma Fang town, the air was filled with haze. "Air and soil pollutants will be directly into the plant, which is really worrying." Speaking, the co-founder of the Union of Things Li Yingren is showing a three-storey plant.

The factory is divided into three layers, each layer is set by the computer data to simulate the natural growth of crops. A layer of cultivation of Yin Yin edible fungus, the second floor in the LED light irradiation planted food and vegetables homologous vegetables, three layers in the natural light cultivation of ordinary fruit and vegetable flowers. Oxygen and carbon dioxide produced on each floor can be recycled between different floors. Two layers of vegetables to absorb a layer of edible fungi to exclude carbon dioxide, vegetables, oxygen is consumed by edible fungus full use.


The plant is an efficient agricultural system that sustains the annual production of crops by controlling the ecological environment in the interior buildings. Simply put, the plant is the indoor shelf-type vegetable cultivation, in the "factory" to achieve the plant's multi-layer soilless cultivation - which cut off the plant and outdoor air and soil contact with heavy metals. According to Li Yingren's argument, this three-tier three-dimensional plant structure of the plant to reduce crop residues in the crop provides a solution.

According to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau released in April 2016 the Beijing Environmental State Bulletin, in 2015 the Beijing air six pollutants have 4 exceeded, of which PM2.5 (fine particles) the average annual concentration of 80.6 Micrograms / cubic meter, more than 1.3 times the national standard. Peking University School of Public Health in 2013 study has long pointed out that fine particles rich in arsenic, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, after being absorbed by the crops into the human body, will cause a variety of serious diseases. If the soil, such as mercury, cadmium, lead and other density of 4.0 or 5.0 in excess of excessive deposition of heavy metals, resulting in excessive content, will cause soil heavy metal pollution. These excess heavy metals are absorbed by crops in the soil and enter the human body through the food chain, posing a serious threat to human life.


It is because of the serious dangers of air and soil pollution to humans, as well as concerns about food safety, "plant plant" this new type of agricultural cultivation in China shows the commercial value.

Our businessmen and people do not understand the real potential of plant factories

In recent years, shortage of arable land, population surges, food safety and other issues have led to the "stable food supply" has become the focus of global attention, in order to take the "vegetable vegetable" route plant plant will be highly promising.


In addition to high costs is the bottleneck of the development of plant plants, the people planted plants out of the crop nutrition and safety of the question, but also hinder the plant factory market one of the reasons.


Yao Xu, chairman of the Association of farmers that the current Chinese people have not cultivated the habit of paying for healthy ingredients. Even if the plant plant products have the advantage of no pesticide and pollutant residue, but its huge difference between ordinary agricultural products, or so that most consumers turned to low-cost traditional agricultural products. When the medicinal value of ingredients is highlighted, people will pay for it. And when people face the air, land pollution caused by food safety issues, and willing to pay more for the time, the production of ordinary vegetable plant can be truly market - but it will take some time.

Another reason to hinder the commercialization of plant plants is that there is still no guarantee that the safety of artificially controlled crops - the chairman of the Japan Plant Plant Association, Professor Toyoki Kozai has been frank, even in Japan, Security for third-party evaluation.


In the enterprise, it is understood that, in addition to Philips, OSRAM, Mitsubishi, Everlight and other international lighting manufacturers are still concerned about this market, the majority of domestic small and medium-sized lighting companies rarely get involved. At the same time, enterprises at this stage of the plant lighting investment and output is not proportional, which also allows a large number of coveted the market segment of the enterprise "quickly close." One can imagine, its marketing efforts are far from enough.


However, we still can not deny the plant plant product safety.

Plant plants provide a solution to reduce pollutant residues in crops

Safety of the growing environment:

Plant plants using hydroponics or fog culture, supporting the growth of crops is prepared from the nutrient solution rather than soil, so completely put an end to the harm of soil pollution on crops, and the use of these nutrients in the water are purified by professional equipment, Heavy metals and other products can not appear in the plant, but also to prevent the impact of water pollution on crops, plant plants do not need to use pesticides and auxin.

In reducing the impact of environmental pollution on crops, the plant plant will make itself a closed space, blocking the indoor clean air and the outside air between the convection, "even if the need for ventilation, into the plant plant air also need to Purified by an air purifier.

The seeds themselves are safe:

Plants planted in the plant using antimicrobial materials, plant seeds are sterilized, the entire production system of micro-organisms than traditional vegetable cultivation reduced thousands of times, vegetable plants can produce vegetables without pesticides, no heavy metals, low nitrate , Low biological bacteria, plant plants can be directly consumed by the consumption of vegetables.

Even through the adjustment of light quality and light, can improve the nutrition and taste of vegetables, vegetable plant vegetables is the world's most highly safe vegetables.

Yang Qichang, director of the Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has commissioned a professional third-party agency to test the variety of vegetable products such as lettuce, rapeseed and small rapeseed. The results show that there is no pesticide residues in vegetables and heavy metal pollution, more than green food standards.

However, Yang also admitted that the plant factory, although technically able to minimize the external environmental pollution for the negative impact of crop growth, but does not mean that it can completely eliminate all pollution, "only relative to the existing field cultivation and greenhouse cultivation safer, No pollution. "

Japan is one of the countries with the largest number of plant plants in the world and one of the most developed countries in the world. One of the reasons is that the Japanese people like vegetables without pesticide residues and clean vegetables, while the plant plant's products are usually less than 300 CFU / g, which is one percent of the field vegetables after washing with tap water. To one thousandth.

By the end of 2015, in Beijing modern soho city opened a plant factory, 2016 Spring Festival factory production of lettuce has been part of the supermarket sales of experimental sales Yuan Yuan believes that "in the people's food safety awareness is increasing under the premise of plant plants Of the products will certainly be favored. "To rely on the artificial environment to produce safe, pollution-free agricultural products is the most optimistic about the plant plant optimistic about the main reasons," This is different from the plant plant cultivation, greenhouse cultivation of the most significant features, but also Plant factories in the future market a firm foothold trump card.

He pointed out that the current domestic agricultural products are divided into pollution-free, green, organic three grades, of which organic is the highest level, and plant plant output of crops is considered in quality and organic standards are almost the same, even higher than organic food.

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Become the choice of ordinary consumers should be the direction of the entire industry efforts:

Compared to the average price of ordinary lettuce 4.8 yuan per kilogram, Yuan Li sells the price of single lettuce up to 40 yuan, is the former at least 15 times, "an average of about 20 per day to sell." He told reporters, although this The sale lasted for a long time, but gave them great confidence.


But including Yao Xu, including more people think that such a high price of food for ordinary consumers is not easy to accept, "vegetables, after all, is a daily consumer goods, organic vegetables is an example, although the high quality, but the price is high, Really want to buy a few people, not to mention the vegetable plant dishes.


Yang Qichang also agrees with this: "It is hard to let them accept such a high price if the concept of a plant factory is not known to ordinary consumers."


He pointed out that 70% of people in Japan know that even buy vegetable plants, and in China, this ratio may be less than 1%.


"This requires a process of market cultivation, if the people understand and recognize the plant factory model, then its products will naturally be recognized." However, Yang also said that even if the future of the people to understand this model to a certain extent, The factory output of the food will not be the first choice of ordinary consumers, "only a small part of the crowd of consumer goods."


In contrast, the Japanese plant factory is the reason for its popular price advantage.


Because of the reduction in agricultural population and the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, the prices of Japanese agricultural products remain high. For example, the price of lettuce cultivated in the natural state is about 300 to 600 yen per kilogram (equivalent to about RMB 20 to 39 yuan), but the lettuce price of the plant factory is only about 50% higher.


"Considering the higher quality of the plant plant products, 50% of the spread is fully acceptable to the average consumer." Yuan said that as long as the cost of plant plants can be lowered, the product price can be reduced accordingly, it is possible Become the choice of ordinary consumers, "This should be the direction of the entire industry efforts.

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