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Philips will present stage lighting solutions

Jul 23, 2020

From May 24th to May 27th, Philips will present its latest Platinum series light sources at the 21st Palm Expo. At the same time, we will work with 5 Oems who have reached strategic partnerships to present Philips' full range of stage lighting solutions.

The 21st Palm Expo, sponsored by China Association of Performing Arts Equipment technology, will be held in China International Exhibition Center (Beijing) from May 24 to 27. As the world's recognized stage entertainment source innovation leader, philips will showcase the latest Platinum Platinum series, light source, at the same time with the above five OEM signed a cooperation agreement, and the research and development of lighting products issued by the authorized certificate of authenticity, ensure its agent products successfully passed the application of philips lighting design process testing, to ensure that consumers in the market for authentic to light which has the best performance of the light source. According to the relevant staff of Philips, if there is no "certificate of authorization" in the market light source products, are not genuine.