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Plant Factory: Growing in trial and error

Jun 06, 2017

Plant plants with high scientific and technological content, high yield, was regarded as "modern agriculture" standard, as "a vast new organic agriculture."

More and more technology giants began to engage in plant factories, including Google, the world is nothing impossible. The common characteristics of plant plants are: fixed facilities; the use of computers and a variety of sensing devices to implement automation, semi-automatic plant growth and development of the required temperature, humidity, light intensity, light time and CO2 concentration of automatic control; Liquid cultivation technology; the number and quality of products increased significantly.

In addition to large-scale plant factories, in recent years, the fire is suitable for families, restaurants, office and other "miniature plant". Through the "miniature plant" to provide organic vegetables, especially by the Western restaurant, cafes do vegetable salad welcome.

Because only in their own skin under the production of vegetables, in order to make a very high quality requirements of the business convinced, after all, the most appropriate way to eat vegetables is - raw, because vitamins only in the most fresh case of raw, The highest amount of possession, and the human body intake rate of 93% or more, but if the longer the place, or in the case of stir-fry, most of the vitamins will be destroyed, unstable protein will be in the case of stir Destroyed, the rest of the vegetables are just some sugar and crude cellulose. At the same time, it is also in line with people's food safety needs, because the plant plant is another significant advantage is no pesticides, pollutants residue.

In some areas where soils, water sources and air are heavily polluted, soil remediation is huge and the time is long and the value of plant plants is becoming increasingly important.

People can be planted in the natural environment under the best growth data, through the plant plant simulation of the natural environment to link the key links, and make adjustments to adjust the establishment of large data on the basis of the final identification of specific plant varieties of the best cultivation data. These data is the company's unique skills and housekeeping skills. Because the artificial simulation can achieve the nature can not be stable to provide the environment and conditions, can produce higher quality than the natural vegetables.

And the so-called modern agriculture is a continuous trial and error process. Plant plants can now plant vegetables, fruits, food, herbs and other plants, varieties with the trial and error research continues to expand and expand. In the cultivation mode, the choice of business model is also constantly trial and error in the growth.

Plant cultivation methods

First, the substrate cultivation methods

Plant species in the gravel, vermiculite, perlite, sand, gardening ceramic, foam sponge, straw, wood bran, coconut chaff, bark made of matrix material. Continuous with the Chen base quality easy to bring bacteria, disease.

Second, the way of hydroponics

The crop is soaked in nutrient solution. Under the condition of hydroponic culture, the vegetables grow rapidly, and the water culture is a big problem that the nitrite content is easy to exceed the standard. Nitrite, a class of inorganic compounds in general, mainly refers to sodium nitrite, sodium nitrite is white to light yellow powder or granular, taste slightly salty, soluble in water. Nitrate and nitrite are widely found in the human environment and are the most common nitrogenous compounds in nature. Ingested 0.3 to 0.5 grams of nitrite can cause poisoning, 3 grams lead to death. Long term use can even lead to esophageal cancer and stomach cancer.

Third, aerosol cultivation methods

It is a soilless cultivation technique that uses a spray device to atomize the nutrient solution into a small droplet and spray directly to the plant roots to provide the moisture and nutrients needed for plant growth. The crop is suspended in a closed cultivation device (tank, box or bed), and the root is exposed to the inside of the cultivation device. The nutrient solution is sprayed onto the surface of the root through the spray device to reduce the nitrate content of the cultivated plant. Effectively solve the traditional soil cultivation difficult to solve the water, air, nutrient supply contradiction, so that crop roots in the most suitable environmental conditions. Is one of the most water-saving, the most fertilizer, pesticide-free, the highest yield of cultivation techniques.

Plant plant cultivation methods of trial and error:

Because the plant plant soilless cultivation time less than a hundred years, for the specific plant varieties of the best growth information is limited, in the continuous exploration and amendment:

First, the matrix, hydroponics, aerosol way trial and error choice

Different varieties of crops used in different cultivation methods, if taro, sweet potatoes, potatoes and other bubble in the nutrient solution cultivation, will be counterproductive.

Second, the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, light conditions, nutrient composition of the trial and error selection

Red light to promote the growth of plants, blue light to promote the growth of plant stem thickening, red: blue 8: 1 conditions, lettuce and cabbage grow fast, a small amount of UV (UV-B) to join the vegetable vitamin C can promote the accumulation. And the same kind of crop in different growth stages, the required temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, light conditions will be different, is a dynamic process.

Profitability of plant plants

Plant plants generally have four kinds of profit path, one is a large number of leafy vegetable production, such as cabbage, green tea, lettuce and other cruciferous plants; the second is the cultivation of ginseng, corydalis, ginkgo, ice, Dendrobium and other high economic value of crops, the third is a large number of planting anti-seasonal crops; Fourth, mass production of seedlings.

Plant factory business model trial and error:

First, plant plant equipment research and development, sales and construction direction

For different crop objects, to produce equipment, nutrient solution and other formulations; for different customer objects, the production of large, small, miniature and other plant plants.

Second, the plant factory production of fruits and vegetables crops sales direction

♦ Rich citizen basket

♦ Vegetables for special populations - Low potassium vegetables for patients with kidney disease; low calcium vegetables for stones

♦ Raw material requirements for plant sources of pharmaceuticals - can be stable, safe and long-term to provide high-quality pollution-free non-adulterated pharmaceutical raw materials. Such as: yew, ginseng, March 7, Dendrobium, cattle ear grass, snake fir fir, Ganoderma lucidum, Tianma and so on.

Vegetables we mainly eat it: one is vitamins, two is amino acids, three is the protein, four is the polyketone polyamines, carbohydrates, and crude cellulose and so on. If from this perspective, the plant plant vegetables are the highest quality organic vegetables, not only put an end to pesticides, heavy metal pollution, the indicators are more than the standard, through the nutrient solution, light, shelf adjustment, can be great Increase production.

In short, the purpose of our food is safer and healthier, then the election of plant vegetables on the right, do not trust the customer can buy a miniature plant factory home production for sale expertise, may produce a new Of the group economy - urban new farmers.



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