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Present Situation and Prospect Analysis of LED Plant Growing Lamp

May 18, 2017

In recent years, the complete artificial light control plant factory in the global scope is gradually forming a new industry in the semiconductor industry, combined with the traditional agricultural technology advantages, the semiconductor industry lighting and automation technology, coupled with the deep network of industrial information base, The factory seems to become the world's semiconductor industry development of the important application and development direction.

In Japan and South Korea has long been a mess of plant lightingin China recently began to be concerned about. LED plant lamp sales market are concentrated in Japan, South Korea, Central America, Europe and other countries engaged in less agricultural countries and regions. But with the LED plant growth lamp penetration rate, the Chinese market into the outbreak period. According to the survey, the global LED plant growth lamp output in 2013 began to show high-speed growth, although the output value of only tens of millions of dollars, but the estimated 2014 will be more than 35 million US dollars, 2017 is expected to challenge 300 million US dollars.

Yan Peng Industrial Research Institute photoelectric industry center researcher Lin Peixuan said that in 2013 LED plant lamp costs have fallen sharply compared to 2010, each flow when about NT $ 0.38, only 1.8 yuan in 2010 1/5, and then drive Philips, Osram, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and other international manufacturers, have invested in LED plant plant innovative applications, both LED and agriculture two major industrial advantages of Taiwan, of course, do not want to miss the opportunity to add science and technology innovation, The Taiwan has the advantages of developing special wavelengths of LED lamps, customizable products, low construction cost, overall solution, technology transfer, etc., but also face the lack of government support, product uneven, brand awareness is too low Worry about the current stage to solve the problem, it is a LED plant light promotion strategy.

LED plant grow lights .png

Plant plants originated in 1957 Denmark due to lack of sunshine to hinder the growth of plants, and then Japan, the United States, the Netherlands have invested, but in the high cost, lack of technology, poor experience and other factors, resulting in poor management until the 21st century, The effect is increasingly serious to be re-attention from all walks of life.

From the perspective of agricultural development, the development of modern agriculture, due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, has been able to rapidly increase production to supply the huge food demand generated by the surge in population, and to solve the problem of global food and poverty. But the traditional agriculture is purely on the day to eat, not only crop cultivation by climate and seasonal constraints, can not be entirely on schedule production, even if crop yields are affected by the amount of multi-price impact; coupled with farmers in order to ensure harvest, extensive use of pesticides to control pests and diseases , Resulting in food safety concerns, but also in order to improve production capacity, excessive use of fertilizer, not only increase costs, more pollution of farmland, rivers, lakes and oceans, more likely to cause nitrate content is too high, hurt consumers.

Another reason the plant is popular is that the global construction industry is eager to seek new development through investment in agriculture due to the economic downturn and public construction projects. Chain restaurants and supermarkets are hoping to build a vegetable base to form a stable supply of raw materials. The electronics industry due to the manufacturing sector gradually transferred to overseas, a large number of precision devices for the production of chip and other clean room idle, these plants can only be transformed by a little plant plant. Therefore, these three industries become the most active pioneer in investing in plant plants.

So the plant factory this highly automated, can be the same as the factory throughout the year endless planting, the production of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables of science and technology agriculture, and will not pollute the environment, the natural cause of government and research institutions attach great importance , Coupled with the savings in transportation costs associated with the plant's production model, the plant plant has the opportunity to become a true alternative to a traditional crop production model, which is why winds and private equity firms are concerned with plant plants.

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