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Research on Detection Method of Photoelectric Color Performance of LED Lighting Products(I)

May 25, 2017

In recent years, with the continuous development of LED technology, high-power semiconductor lighting devices in recent years has been rapid development, especially white power and light efficiency continues to increase, LED gradually into the field of lighting, triggering a new revolution in lighting technology . LED array in different ways and optical design, the formation of a wide range of LED lighting products, and LED lighting products research and development in China is in full swing, LED lighting products, the performance level is gradually improving. In the premise of using the correct test method, accurate measurement of LED lighting products, photoelectric color performance parameters is a scientific evaluation of product performance, quality status and development trend of the foundation. LED lighting products for the photoelectric color performance testing status, the author combined with the center of the LED products in the detection of the accumulation of LED lighting products, photoelectric color performance testing methods to sort out and sum up.

First, LED lighting product performance indicators of the general evaluation

1.LED lighting product classification

LED lighting products can be divided into LED lighting (such as: LED road lighting, LED cast light, embedded LED lamps, LED tunnel lighting, LED decorative lighting, LED table lamp) and traditional lighting source alternative LED lights (for example: Self-ballasted LED lights, MR16, PAR lights, straight tube fluorescent lamps T8 / T12, etc.). The LED lighting fixture is a complete lighting fixture comprising an LED light emitting element and a matching driver, a light distribution part, a component for fixing and protecting the light emitting element, and a device for connecting the appliance to the branch circuit part. Lighting LED lights can be divided into non-monolithic LED lights and the overall type of LED lights two categories.

The non-monolithic LED lamp contains components for LED arrays (modules) or LED packages (components) and standard lamps as well as other photometric, thermal, mechanical and electrical components. The LED lights are to be installed in lamps with standard lamp holders and LED drivers. The LED can not be directly connected to the branch circuit.

The integral LED lamp contains an integral combination of LED array (module) or LED package (component), LED driver, standard lamp holder and other photometric, thermal, mechanical and electrical components. The LED can be mounted directly on a standardized lamp holder, which can be connected directly to the branch circuit. LED lights and LED lighting the biggest difference is that LED lights need to be installed in the standard lamp holder.

2.LED lighting and traditional light source lamps difference

At present, LED lighting and traditional light source lamps in many ways there are different. First of all, the traditional light source lamp life can be replaced by a damaged light source, the lamp control device to meet the requirements, so generally do not evaluate the life of traditional light source lamps. LED lighting is the LED light source and lamp housing one, the current life of LED lighting and LED light source itself life, LED drivers and lighting provided to the LED environment and many other factors. For different LED lamps, its life can only be determined by the relevant life characteristics evaluation.

Second, with the traditional light source lamps, LED lighting is the use of multiple LED light source or module luminous body composition and light, LED lamps in the luminous between the existence of color differences, the need to use color space uniformity evaluation to evaluate the LED lamps Color of the spatial distribution of the situation, the evaluation of LED lamps exist in different viewing angle color differences.

Again, the traditional lighting source can be a separate photometric test, photometric measurement can use the relative method. As the integration of LED lamps and LED light source is extremely sensitive to the characteristics of the temperature, not suitable for LED light source separated from the lamp separately measured, photometric measurement should be used to the absolute method of LED lamps as a whole photometric test.

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