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Teach you how to pick a restaurant for LED lights

Jan 19, 2017

Know restaurants should use first low colour temperature of LED lights, diffused light without glare, and with natural light, more kind and soft. High color temperature of fluorescent lamps, light blue in the man's face looked pale, and food colors are changed. Lighting can of course adopt a mixed light source, which means the low color temperature lamps and high color temperature lamp combined with hybrid lighting effect is very close to the Sun, and the light source is not monotonous, to choose from.
Secondly, we must know the lighting more than one local restaurant, will also be used to supporting lighting so as to heighten the dining environment. Using auxiliary lighting means a lot, for example in dining room furniture (glass cabinets) set up lighting art, decoration lighting and so on. Auxiliary lights are not intended for illumination, but to use light and shadow effects to heighten the environment, so lower illuminance than the counter lighting, highlighting the main premise of the light source, lighting arrangements must be organized, not disorder.
Finally, know that people's choice of restaurant lighting is very easy to fall into only misunderstanding the lamps. Restaurant of lighting way is local lighting, for meal stage of that lamp lamp, as in table regional, General should be select Xia cover type of, and bulls type of, and combination type of lamps; lamps form and restaurant of overall decorative style should is consistent of; to reached restaurant atmosphere by needed of soft, and bright, and natural of as degrees requirements; usually should not be used towards photogenic of lamps, because this and dining Shi of Visual inconsistent.