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Thailand LED Expo Thailand 2017 show direct hit two: Taiwan LED factory actively cut into the regional market

May 15, 2017


Southeast Asia market, whether lighting products, printed circuit boards, energy storage equipment and energy-generating equipment-related needs are growing rapidly. While Thailand is located in important places in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and even India and other neighboring countries, buyers will come to this exhibition to purchase. For exhibitors overseas manufacturers, have the opportunity to access in addition to the local market in Thailand outside the regional market guests. Most of the buyers are distributors and regional traders, local projectors in Thailand, and so on.2.jpg 

Taiwan manufacturers this exhibition, including Delta, 3J IOT, Mingwei, seven UNITA, Lin Hong Technology, AUREX, Lei Yan lighting, LEDlink Thunderbird, AURONA, Yuhao enterprises, all-day industry, COLORADD TECH, and so on.3.jpg5.jpg 6.jpg7.jpg

It also includes bulbs, assembly of components needed for lamp assembly, power systems, high demand in the local market in Thailand, the need for system solutions for the overall building installation plan, and the number of project buyers with intelligent building integration capabilities, even though Taiwanese manufacturers And including the Netherlands, Philips, Germany Schneider and Japan and other foreign competition, this area is still a good opportunity to develop.


The sensitivity of the Thai market to price, as other emerging markets, too expensive things can not be sold, unless it is to do high-level guests, project integrators of the higher gross margin, in the existing market access LED light source products Is low and can not be low, and LED lighting products are a certain amount of production of cheap lamps, the Thai local market decoration and new projects need lighting products, compared to the advanced market is still in the low price line.


Taiwanese manufacturers are actively cutting into this regional market, the challenge is to find a suitable dealer and partner partners, the exhibition received business contacts, but also need more business to bear fruit, but once into the supply chain to The current growth rate of orders in Southeast Asia market terms, or a worthwhile investment market



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