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The applicable characteristics of LED down light

May 19, 2017

More and more offices in 2012 and even the family have used LED downlight lighting. Because the LED downlight used in the applicability of indoor lighting more and more people know, more and more people are welcome. LED downlight with some other lamps can not match or even other LED lamps can not match the applicability of indoor lighting.

LED downlight does not occupy the interior space, in the indoor installation of LED downlight, because the light of the confidentiality, will not use the feeling of oppression, on the contrary will produce a warm effect. Therefore, home improvement can choose to install more light downlight, reduce the sense of space pressure. And generally in the hotel, family, cafe, shopping arcot LED downlight use more.

LED Downlights are generally used in shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals and other indoor lighting, easy to install for people's favorite. LED downlight inherited the advantages of all the traditional downlight, the heat is small, long life, maintenance costs are minimal. Early LED downlight due to the expensive LED lamp beads, the overall cost is not high for customers to accept. With the LED downlight chip prices and cooling technology to improve the LED downlight into the commercial field has laid a solid foundation.


LED bin lamp interior lighting applicability, but also because of its many other advantages of the characteristics.

1, the use of LED downlight to make home decoration more beautiful. Downlight to help maintain the overall unity of the interior and perfect, do not destroy the chandelier and other lighting settings, light hidden in the interior decoration, not exposed, no glare, LED light source gives the visual effect is more gentle and uniform.

2, LED energy-saving help families to reduce electricity costs: the same brightness power consumption for the ordinary energy-saving lamps 1/4, a LED downlight for a family can save electricity a few dollars a month.

3, LED downlight is not fragile, recyclable, environmentally friendly: mercury and other harmful substances, no pollution to the environment. And its power-saving, equivalent to reducing carbon emissions. In line with the family "energy-saving emission reduction" concept of life promotion.

4, LED downlight longevity: LED lamp life of 50,000 hours, six hours a day, is 20 years of life. This can reduce the purchase of lamps for a considerable amount of cost.


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LED Downlight Installation Precautions:

First, open the LED downlight packaging should immediately check whether the product is intact. The occurrence of non-human or manual requirements within the requirements of the failure, can be returned to the retailer or directly returned to the manufacturers to replace.


Second, before the cut off the power supply to ensure that the switch is closed, to prevent electric shock, lighting, light, do not touch the lamp surface. This lamp should be avoided in the heat source and hot steam, corrosive gas sites, so as not to affect life.


Third, before use, please confirm the application according to the number of good power. This product is for indoor use only, please pay attention to the waterproof before installation to ensure that the installation location can withstand 10 times the weight of the product.


Fourth, the product using high pressure (110V / 220V) power lamp cup, should not work in the frequent power off state, this will affect its life.


5, installed in the absence of vibration, no swing, no fire hidden places, pay attention to avoid falling at high altitude, hard objects collision, percussion.


6, such as long-term disabled, LED downlight should be stored in a cool, dry, clean environment, prohibited in the wet, high temperature or flammable and explosive places stored and used.

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