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The area all the way "what can our LED lighting enterprise bring?"

Jul 14, 2017

China's president, Xi Jinping, delivered a keynote address at the Summit Forum on International cooperation, sparking global concern. Why is there such a great fascination along the way? What does it mean for LED lighting companies?


At present, China's development is standing at a new starting point. We will thoroughly carry out innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development concept, adapt, grasp, lead the new normal economic development, actively promote the supply side of structural reform, achieve sustainable development, for the "area all the way" inject a powerful impetus for the development of the world to bring new opportunities.

China is willing to develop friendly cooperation with all the "All along the way" to build a participating country on the basis of the peaceful coexistence. China is willing to share development experience with all countries of the world, but will not interfere in other countries ' internal affairs, will not export social systems and development models, and will not be imposed. We will promote the "All the way" construction will not repeat the old game of geo-games, but would create a new model of cooperation and mutual win, not to form a destabilizing small group, but will build a harmonious coexistence of the extended family.

China has reached a pragmatic cooperation agreement with many countries, including transportation, infrastructure, energy and other hardware unicom projects, including communications, customs, inspection and quarantine software unicom projects, including economic and trade, industry, E-commerce, marine and green economy and other areas of cooperation planning and specific projects. China and the railway departments of the countries concerned will sign a further Sino-European Cooperation Agreement. We will promote the early commencement and early results of these cooperative projects.

--China will increase its support to the "along the way" construction fund, add 100 billion yuan to the Silk Road Fund, encourage financial institutions to carry out renminbi overseas fund operations, the scale is estimated to be about 300 billion yuan. China National Development Bank, import and Export bank will provide 250 billion yuan and 130 billion yuan special loans, respectively, to support the "all the way" infrastructure construction, capacity, financial cooperation. We will also work with Asian infrastructure investment banks, the BRICS New Development Bank, the World Bank and other multilateral development agencies to support the "along the Way" project and work with the parties to develop "along the way" financing guidelines.

China will actively build a mutually beneficial economic and trade partnership with the "All along the way" to promote trade and investment facilitation with all relevant countries, and build a free trade network along the "area" to help regional and world economic growth. During this forum, China will sign a trade and economic cooperation agreement with more than 30 countries to negotiate free trade agreements with the countries concerned. China to hold China International import exposition from 2018.

China is willing to strengthen innovation and cooperation with other countries, launch the "All Along" science and Technology Innovation Action plan, carry out scientific and cultural exchanges, joint laboratories, science and Technology Park cooperation, technology transfer 4 actions. In the next 5 years, we will arrange 2500 young scientists to come to China for short-term scientific research work, training 5000 science and technology and management personnel, put into operation 50 joint laboratories. We will set up an eco-environment large data Service platform, initiative to establish a "all along" Green Development International Alliance, and to provide assistance to the relevant countries to deal with climate change.

China will provide RMB 60 billion yuan assistance to developing countries and international organizations participating in the "along the way" in the next 3 years to build more people's livelihood projects. We will provide 2 billion RMB emergency food aid to the developing countries along the "area", and increase the funding of US $1 billion to the South Cooperation Assistance Fund to implement 100 "happy Homes", 100 "love-aiding" and 100 "rehabilitation and assistance" projects along the country line. We will provide the relevant international organizations with $1 billion to implement a number of cooperative projects benefiting countries along the route.

China will set up the "All the way" International Cooperation Summit Forum follow-up liaison Mechanism, set up a "all along" financial Development Research Center, "along the way" Construction promotion center, with the Multilateral Development Bank jointly set up a multilateral development and financing cooperation Center, with the International Monetary Fund cooperation to build capacity-building center. We will build a cooperative network of nongovernmental organizations along the Silk Road to create a new platform for news cooperation, music education, and other human relations.

LED lighting along the road


"The area all the way + a lamp, that is, the area all the way to where, our lights to shine." "Very early on, Samsung led China market general manager Mr. Tang has proposed that the region's export strategy is mainly for high-speed rail and nuclear power industry exports, the third more appropriate is LED lights, because the current domestic LED lighting industry from the entire technical level has been close to international advanced level. China has developed into a big country from a manufacturing powerhouse and has reason to take the lead in the LED.

"Along the way" the huge demand market has obviously become the LED enterprise next should increase, accelerate the layout of the area, but this market LED lighting demand scale is how big? According to the material depth report, 2017-year-a-quarter, China LED lighting products Export 64 "along the way" 64 of the total amount of countries up to 6. $3.7 billion, up 12 from the same period in 2016. 42%, accounting for 24 of the LED export market. 3%.


In terms of the type of exports, the 2017 Q1 export product type was consistent with 2016, excluding 36. 98% of the outstanding lamps, bulb lights, tube lights, lights are still three places. The bulb light is 1. Total exports of $3.2 billion ranked first, accounting for 20. 75%, which grew by 126 over the same period in 2016. 87%. The second is the tube lamp, with a total export of $58.75 million, accounting for 9. 23%, year-on-year growth of 33. 21%. The third is the lamp, the total exports of $40.65 million, accounting for 6. 39%, down 13. 4%. The top five of the lighting products accounted for nearly half, visible product concentration is still quite high.


Export destination countries, 2017 Q1, imports of China's LED lighting products in the top 10 countries, Russia won the title of 57.52 million U.S. dollars, compared with the same period in 2016 fell 11. 4%. Poland ranked second in $52.53 million, up 3 per cent from a year earlier. 14%. Third place for India, imports of our LED lighting products 45.14 million U.S. dollars, year-on-year growth of 46. 94%.


"Along the way" the majority of countries in the economy less developed countries or regions, many of the demand for LED lighting products in the emerging market range, the next few years with the "along the way" strategic deployment of the gradual deepening, China's export of overseas markets, especially "along the way" the country's LED lighting products will be faster growth, coupled with the demand for products in developing countries is less stringent than developed countries in Europe and the United States, which will make the Chinese high school low grades of LED lighting products to find their own market.


"All Along" net energy imports accounted for more than 50% of countries (units:%)

In addition, more than 35 of the 65 countries in the "area along the road" represent net imports of foreign energy, reflecting the consumption of environmentally-friendly energy-saving products and the development needs of the corresponding industries. The dependence of foreign energy imports is higher: Singapore 97. 21%, Lebanon 96. 76%, Moldova 96. 32%. The higher the foreign energy dependence of these countries, the more likely it will become the demand market for LED products.