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The first quarter of 2017 LED lighting products export data interpretation

May 10, 2017

The first quarter of 2017 has passed, in the major listed companies Kuang show performance, LED lighting products in the export market in the end is how a landscape?

The first, 2017 Q1LED lighting products exports over $ 2.6 billion

According to statistics, the first quarter of 2017, China's total exports of LED lighting products reached 2.621 billion US dollars, an increase of 17.9%, continuing the slow growth trend in 2016.

Second, the export business list

In recent years, with the global economic situation to pick up and the development of China's LED industry, more and more enterprises sail overseas, LED lighting export business competition is also increasingly fierce.

2017 Q1 China LED lighting products export enterprises 7800, the top 30 enterprises export total of 737 million US dollars, accounting for less than three percent, showing the overall concentration of small, very competitive.

Third, LED lighting product type analysis

2017 Q1 export product type consistent with 2016, excluding 36.17% of the lamps are not listed, bulb lights, tube lights, light is still the top three.

Bulb light to 492 million US dollars in total exports ranked first, accounting for 18.77% over the same period in 2016 doubled.

The second is a tube lamp, exports totaled $ 275 million, accounting for 10.84%, an increase of 25.22%.

The third is a light bar, the total exports of 142 million US dollars, accounting for 5.43%, down 0.04%.

Fourth, the export area is concentrated in Europe, Asia, the United States on three continents

China's vast majority of LED lighting products are mainly concentrated in Europe, Asia and North America, 2017 Q1 traditional three continents together than close to 90%.

Asia and North America accounted for nearly 3 percentage points over the same period in 2016.

Year on year growth rate, only Oceania fell, down 14.72%. The fastest growth rate in Latin America, reached 42.4%.

Fifth, the export destination country ranking, the United States ranked first

2017 Q1, China's imports of LED lighting products in the top ten countries, the United States to 720 million US dollars won the championship, compared with the same period in 2016 increased by nearly one-third.

Hong Kong, China, ranked second with $ 187 million, up 67.34% year on year, the fastest growing region in the top 10 countries.

Third runner-up for Germany, China's imports of LED lighting products 121 million US dollars, an increase of 0.78%, little change.

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