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The Interpretation and Contribution of Philips Lighting to Smart City(I)

May 31, 2017

In the rapid growth of social economy today, the pace of urbanization faster and faster. Today, 54% of the world's population lives in cities, and by 2050 the proportion will increase to 66%. With the development of urbanization process, urban residents face many challenges such as environment, economy and society. In response to these challenges, urban managers are constantly exploring the road to innovation in urban development. At present, with the development of Internet technology, a new concept of urban construction - the wisdom of the city was born.


Interpretation of Intelligent City and Urban Intelligent Lighting System

As a new form of urban future development, the wisdom of the city exists to enhance the quality of life of urban residents. Because of this concept of people-oriented, infrastructure and services in the promotion of intelligent city construction process plays a pivotal role. Through an integrated software platform and application scenario, coupled with intensive management, Smart City builders are committed to building an open, scalable, and efficient intelligent internetwork in the city.

The city public lighting as an urban public service carrier and infrastructure is an important part of the city residents living, work, entertainment and travel are closely related to the city construction also plays an important role. With a unique environment to protect the function, the city public lighting not only to improve the night atmosphere of the city, but also to help people through the free, safe and free to carry out various activities. Compared with other urban public services, urban public lighting is also closely linked with the local image and urban characteristics, the role is very large. Therefore, combined with the wisdom of the city's construction concept, a new concept of lighting - urban intelligent lighting system derived from the out.

Utilizing the latest developments in communications and digital technology, data sharing and analysis, and intelligent design, urban intelligent lighting systems make cities more livable, more adaptable, and healthier and more sustainable. From street lights to electricity and even traffic signals, intelligent lighting sensors and embedded devices in urban intelligent lighting systems work together through open intelligent Internet facilities to reduce energy consumption, optimize the operation of urban management departments, make the city residents more happy life, more Safety.

It is with such a wisdom of urban construction and lighting technology development concept, Philips Lighting through the pool of many resources and information to create a set of a combination of the world's major cities with the characteristics of the development of intelligent lighting interconnection system for the wisdom of urban builders to help , And inspire their inspiration, together with the city residents for the happiness and work.

How is the intelligent lighting system interconnected?

So, how is the Philips lighting intelligent lighting system interconnected?

1. interconnected lanterns.

The fixtures are uniquely identified and seamlessly integrated into the building or city's IT network and share information about the status and operation of these fixtures.

2. Interconnected space.

With the integrated sensor, each fixture has become an intelligent fixture that can share information about personnel changes, activity patterns, changes in temperature or humidity, and daylight level.

3. Connected people.

By integrating wireless communications with lighting systems, users can provide location-based services and associated information to people in the lighting space through mobile applications. Smart interconnection lighting gives you a better understanding of your customers, providing an excellent customer experience, creating a personalized work environment and making the environment intelligently change according to people's preferences and needs.

4. Connected software.

With Philips Lighting's cutting-edge lighting management software, place operators can monitor and manage lighting systems in real time. Users can store, visualize and analyze historical information about fixture performance. CityTouch is a system for public outdoor space.

5. Connected landscape.

Intelligent interconnected lighting systems can be integrated with other systems in the building or city to create new synergies and efficiencies and make lighting an integral part of the new digital ecology.

Philips Lighting in the wisdom of the city through the construction of each lamp and intelligent system interconnection, in order to achieve high-quality and reliable lighting, as access to information and provide services for users and managers to provide lighting functions other than the value of services, lighting Function and other extensions.

Intelligent lighting Internet first wisdom of the city has become a reality

Smart city is not only the vision of the future, but also the reality of today's needs. In some of the world's large and small cities, by virtue of intelligent lighting interconnection system perfect matchmaking, wisdom city has been real in front of the world.

First, the United States Los Angeles intelligent Internet street management



Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, the urban area of 4,319.9 square kilometers, the urban population of more than 450 million, population density of 3,168 people / square kilometers. In such a large area, the population of the city, the city's urban management department in order to make urban management more humane, they use the city's wide range of intelligent Internet lighting facilities, laying new technology and networking features, including the street with Sensors, install software to collect data, analyze information and share ideas, make the city run more transparent, and with the relevant partners to promote new projects.

For example, through the new acoustic sensor and environmental noise monitoring sensor, can detect the sound of vehicle collision, directly to the city communication scheduling system to provide timely information to help the police, fire and emergency departments to shorten the response time, early rescue patients. At present, the city of Los Angeles has more than 200,000 street lamps, in the ordinary roads, highways, tunnels and sidewalks for the public to provide services.

"The lighting infrastructure in Los Angeles is one of the most important assets in the city and is one of the most important assets in the city, and these reliable equipment covers all public places to facilitate people's lives, work, travel, shopping, dining and exchange." Ed Ebrahimian, director of the Los Angeles Street Light Administration, said of the city's smart interconnection facilities. "If every street can collect all the data about the urban environment and its use, it will be able to provide the people with a richer value outside of the lighting."

Last year, the Los Angeles Streetlight Authority began deploying Philips Lighting CityTouch. This intelligent interconnection management system uses existing mobile networks and cloud technologies to control street lights, monitor status and accurately analyze the energy consumption of each street lamp. The new pilot project will be expanded on this basis, incorporating more sensor nodes, testing new applications, and making urban infrastructure investments fully effective.




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