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The Interpretation and Contribution of Philips Lighting to Smart City(II)

May 31, 2017

The pilot project will be implemented this year and its functions include:

1.Environmental noise monitoring.

On the street lights that enable Philips Lighting CityTouch, add a new intelligent interconnected noise sensor microphone module to continuously acquire noise data so that city managers and planners can easily monitor, aggregate and visualize the ambient sounds in different areas. The collected data will be used to monitor noise pollution, ensure rapid response to noise complaints, and ultimately improve the city's long-term planning decisions.

"We do not know much about the way in which public and open space noise is spread," says DietmarOffenhuber, an assistant professor at Northeastern University. "Setting up a sound sensor on a streetlight facility will allow you to understand the way in which the city and the sound are intertwined, by breaking through the limitations of the existing, precise and diverse reading of the city.

2.Power grid performance monitoring.

Philips Lighting CityTouch Lamppe will continue to obtain a wide range of key grid quality parameters to support the public lighting sector to assess the quality of the lighting network power supply. After providing these data to other public sector and utility units, the grid administrator can quickly learn about the power outages, thereby speeding up the recovery process and benefiting residents and local businesses.

3.To improve street maintenance.

The intelligent interconnected streetlight will provide luminaire performance data for the Los Angeles Street Light Authority, improve the effectiveness of the maintenance plan and save costs. The future can be used in conjunction with the grid performance information to achieve more advanced maintenance mode.

Second, the United States San Francisco Bay Bridge dynamic lighting


In 2011, the nonprofit ILLUMINATE, in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation and the artist Leo Villareal, made the San Francisco Bay Bridge the world's largest dynamic light building and controlled the 300 LED locks on the bridge with Leo Villareal's software. All kinds of wonderful dynamic effects. Initially, these lights were only used as short-term installations, but they revived the local economy in 2013, bringing the entire San Francisco Bay Area to more than $ 100 million in annual economic growth.

To this end, ILLUMINATE in March 2015 for the Gulf Bridge, a dynamic light launched a fund-raising campaign to bridge the lights to be refurbished, into the Philips lighting-based lighting efficient lighting platform activesite, to achieve the bridge lights The remote diagnosis and monitoring management, to help the local tourism industry to a higher level.

Saeed Shahmirzai, owner of the San Francisco Bay Bridge System, said: "This intelligent lighting system is artistic and makes the Bay Bridge a sign of the San Francisco Bay Area."

Third, the German Siegburg street lighting management


Siegburg is a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. In recent years, the town has developed rapidly, street lighting has become the town of public space is increasingly important features. To this end, the town's officials need a way to properly monitor and manage the city's operational processes.

In order to effectively manage the city's lighting operations, Siegburg officials chose Philips Lighting's citytouch system, through the system to support the workflow to ensure that the entire urban street lighting has always been normal operation. At present, the Siegburg's power consumption is further reduced, improving the town's lighting management efficiency, is conducive to the town government will be more energy into the construction of other infrastructure.

Severberg Street Lighting Executive Director Hartung commented: "With the CityTouch intelligent interconnection lighting system, the work becomes more flexible, because the management process has been streamlined ... ..."

I commented

In most cities around the world, lighting is through a single lamp, a single area to achieve, the lack of unified management of urban functions, not only caused a waste of electricity, leaving the lamp due to human or natural disasters and other factors cause damage. Even more so, can not control the light intensity and angle of the illumination light source can easily affect the health of pedestrians and residents around the lamps. Therefore, the emergence of humanized lighting system has become the city residents expect things.

Philips lighting intelligent Internet lighting promotion, not only to help the world's major cities in the wisdom of the city in the construction of the upgrade, but also help the city lighting management personnel or intelligent control of the area within the lighting of the light, the angle of control, to achieve energy , To reduce the cumbersome management procedures at the same time, but also reflects the humanized lighting concept, so that lighting has become the city's public intimate "service".

In the country, many road lighting companies have begun to promote the wisdom of the street, it seems that the wisdom of the city began to blossom in the country. But the reality is that the wisdom of the city in the country is only the embryonic stage. Some domestic cities only wisdom street lights as a pilot project, and did not plan for its large-scale application, there are more domestic cities did not build a sense of wisdom of the city. Can be a star of fire, you can start a prairie fire. With the concept of intelligent lighting in the domestic lighting industry, so that the concept of smart city gradually from the enterprise to the city management department. In such a big background, Philips Lighting intelligent Internet lighting management system, will also be the domestic smart city construction speed to bring positive help.




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