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The new road lighting system makes crossing the road safer

Jun 08, 2017

Traffic safety issues have always been very concerned about, especially now there is no foggy weather, whether for the new driver or the old driver, especially at night when driving, if the road is not good light, it is difficult to see the crosswalk, which appears All kinds of accidents. In response to this problem, foreign designers have improved the traditional sidewalk, the safety factor significantly improved. Designers believe that the crosswalk of the surrounding if there is no light, then the safety factor will be greatly reduced.

LED road light.jpg

The designer designed a lighting system for the crosswalk, which provides 24 hours of lighting. Above the crosswalk, with steel brackets. Above the bracket, with LED lights.


After the light, the rectangular LED light will provide enough brightness, illuminate the ground on the zebra crossing, so that the distance came the driver to see the front of the crosswalk, to avoid the role of pedestrians. At present, this set of lighting system is still in the stage of continuous improvement. The next step, will be from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, increase the function of solar power. Will be installed in the iron frame on the solar panels, it will not consume electricity, which play the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection.

road lamps .jpg

road lightingjpg.jpg

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