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The Present Situation and Pattern of Modern Artistic Lighting

Jun 01, 2017

Modern minimalist art lighting (referred to as modern lights), is very popular in recent years, a sub-category, accounting for about 10% of the decorative lighting industry share of the share. Modern light of the sudden emergence of LED light source technology is also a huge dividend brought about by the development.

Modern lights in the past few years the rapid development of the current has about three or four hundred factories engaged in the manufacture of this area.

According to incomplete statistics, the annual output value of more than one hundred million yuan of modern manufacturers have more than 30 million, more than 30 million modern manufacturers have more than 50, most enterprises are between 8 million -1000 million, such enterprises are not less than 150 , Category annual output value of nearly 10 billion. Moreover, this data is still growing.


dimming lights jpg.jpg

Modern lamp market layout is also expanding, from the beginning of the provincial cities gradually covered to the county. at present, in addition to the provincial cities, the prefecture-level cities have become important sales of modern lights positions. Oupu, NVC, Song Wei, beautiful, Qing Yi, Prewet, MacLough, Hong Guan's stores are almost occupied the provincial cities and slightly better prefecture-level cities. New Terri is also basically covered by the provincial cities, excellent prefecture-level cities and Jiangsu and Zhejiang area of some county-level cities. Maxwell, Magellan, Maswell in the provincial market are sold very well, often in a state of out of stock. Macro crown, eight meters concept has also entered part of the prefecture-level market. Xia Meng, Ma Si Deng occupy a considerable channel for designers, Micah in the field of export for many years ahead of the forefront.


Modern lights are also moving towards diversification and segmentation. At present, the new Terri, Prewet, McGregor style closer, pay more attention to the spatial geometry, a sense of science and technology and fashion sense of thicker; Song Wei, Opu new Asian wind, Qing Yi, Style is closer, more attention to minimalist and exquisite; Ares, Ju Hao, light Bell several styles are relatively close, pay more attention to the development of singular shape products; home, blue sky is another style, continued Modern chandelier fashion, light and even a bit of Persian style. Micah out of a grid, the glass art to the extreme. These five kinds of modern lighting, the whole category to the era of colorful.


Modern light category of further subdivision, will inevitably lead the rapid development of the industry. But the field of modern light is also facing a lot of problems and confusion.

The influx of a large number of enterprises, the industry will quickly enter the disorderly competition, imitation, plagiarism, vicious price competition will gradually enter the white-hot. Vicious competition must disrupt the development of the category itself.

Large enterprises to enter this category, but also increased the competition of modern lighting category. Initially, Op, NVC is not into the field of modern light, due to the decline of traditional home lighting, they also quickly squeezed into this sub-category, and occupy a large channel advantage. So, the smoke began to diffuse at an irresistible speed. How much to make some smaller companies somewhat unprepared.

Modern lights rely on creativity and design to win, just rely on imitation and plagiarism is difficult to go far. Even if you can win a temporary market favor, can not get long-term development. So many companies are destined to be short-lived. And some strong development of the enterprise, not only can stand out, but also will be steady development. The future, whether the rapid, stable, sustainable development, is a modern light brand can be the key to the market. Of course, the product development capability of the small micro-enterprises, the future can also be invincible.

From this stage, imitation, plagiarism, price war is inevitable, but the patent rights war is also inevitable. Blindly imitate, plagiarism will gradually be forced into dead ends. Blindly hit the price war, you can temporarily steal the students, but eventually exhausted failure to die.

Therefore, the modern light business on its own brand positioning determines its industry status, the channel and the customer's possession determines its pattern. In other words, promising companies, must grasp the product development side, while grasping the channel development, in order to eventually quickly won their position in the field of modern light.

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