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The purpose of all LED, LED application base(II)

May 23, 2017

3.LED in home lighting applications

Since ancient times, mankind has been in the pursuit of light, the development of human civilization and lighting technology is closely related to the progress. Home lighting has become a bright spot in modern living environment, play a role in improving the quality of life. Home lighting requirements light source to ensure that work, study, living environment to achieve a comfortable illumination standards and good lighting quality, objectively display the brightness and color of objects, access to the human eye directly observe the true effect of external scenes. In the high luminous efficiency, adequate brightness at the same time, there should be close to the natural light color temperature and high color rendering index. The use of LED for indoor lighting, you can adjust the lighting so that indoor light with the morning, noon, night time changes, so that the indoor light environment close to the moon, stars, the sun and other natural light. Can be said that LED into the indoor lighting is the semiconductor lighting into the general lighting market, the most important milestone in the near future, thousands of households will be LED indoor lighting market.

4.LED in the backlight application

Backlight is provided to the LCD panel light source, mainly by the light source light guide plate, optical diaphragm, plastic frame and other components. LED backlight as the display is the most widely used LED applications, accounting for about 40% of LED applications, such as mobile phone backlight, portable computer backlight and so on. At present, LED backlight has entered the LCD TV.

First of all, compared to the traditional display device on the cold cathode fluorescent tubes, LED as a backlight of the LCD TV, you can enhance the viewing quality, especially color saturation. Second, because of the LED's planar light source characteristics, the LED backlight can also achieve cold cathode fluorescent tubes can not match the sub-regional color and chroma adjustment function, in order to achieve more accurate color reproduction. Again, in terms of luminous life, LED backlight technology is beyond the cold cathode fluorescent tube. Ordinary cold cathode fluorescent tube backlight life in the basic 30,000 h ~ 40,000 h or so, and now the white LED backlight life has been as high as 100,000 h.

With the implementation of international environmental certification, lead and mercury components of the cold cathode fluorescent light source has been slowly abandoned, coupled with the recent breakthrough in LED brightness and lower production costs, LED backlight prospects are very good The People will be in the environmental protection, ultra-thin, high quality and other aspects of access to more and more comfortable to enjoy.

5.LED on the display application

The development of modern information display technology, formed a CRT, liquid crystal display, plasma display, LED series of information display products. With the LED material technology and technological level of the upgrade, the use of computer control, the light, the integration of large-screen LED intelligent display has been applied to many areas.

LED display is divided into graphic display and video display, are composed of LED matrix block. Graphic display can be synchronized with the computer display Chinese characters, English text and graphics; video display using micro-computer control, graphic, images and real-time, synchronized, clear information dissemination to play a variety of information, but also show two Dimensional, 3D animation, video, TV, VCD program and live live. Compared with the traditional screen display products, LED display screen color, three-dimensional sense of strong, clear and delicate picture, and computer compatibility is good, widely used in airports, stations, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets Public places.

6. Conclusion

In addition, LED is also used in the traffic signal, a variety of electronic toys, instrumentation, a variety of special lighting and other fields, deep into all aspects of modern life. We believe that with the development of LED technology and the price reduction, LED will enter the tens of thousands of households, for human conservation of valuable energy, to protect the living environment of mankind even more force.




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