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This year's sales case constantly led industry is not good?

Dec 01, 2017

Because two times the listing has not collected to the intention of the transferee, Guangdong Gan Chemical November 13 issued a notice, will be the third listed transfer of the wholly-owned subsidiary of the German power photoelectric 100% equity and related claims, starting the price adjustment to 400 million yuan. 

Six years ago, when the reorganization of the LED industry was complacent Guangdong Gan, helpless subsidiary of the German power photoelectric not only failed to bring growth to the listed companies, but become a burden, successive losses, so that the transition can only be listed transfer of the German power photoelectric, reduce pressure, in order to better transform health care business. 

With the concentration of LED industry continues to deepen, this year integrated mergers and acquisitions is still the main keynote of development, at the same time, "strong Brokeback" drama Code is also a lot, the sale of the case is uninterrupted. The enterprise or the LED general lighting competition intensifies, abandons the chicken part, sells the shareholding, also either out of the strategic adjustment, or the relations deterioration and so on reason. Philips, Osram and GE, the three largest lighting companies, have sold part of their low-margin lighting business in recent two years, moving to high margin emerging areas. The following, a small series of simple carding this year in the industry sales case. 

Billion light intended to sell part of the Crystal Electricity holdings 

LED grain plant, Crystal electric shares in recent times hit a new wave band, in the relatively high-end, triggering a large shareholder to sell the action; After three photoelectric in September to clear the stake 33,300, to the loss of about 1.1 billion yuan (the NT, the same below) after the appearance, billion light board of Directors November 9 also authorized the Chairman to dispose of some of the crystal electricity holdings. 

Billion light said that the disposition of the Crystal Electric stake is mainly in financial needs, for the disposition of the number of shares and prices, the Board has authorized the Cairman of the decision, follow-up will have to declare action; As for the benefit or loss, the actual punishment will be announced. 

1.35 billion yuan for sale of semiconductor lighting business assets 

On the evening of the October 25 announcement, the company intends to set a preliminary price of 1.35 billion yuan to the related party Huang sell holding subsidiaries of the new 90% shares, the semiconductor 100% equity and equity companies in Jiangxi Province 30% Equity, Anhui Qin 30% Equity, Lefforth Power 30% Equity, Anhui State Big Qin 25% stake, Fujian National policy photoelectric 20% stake, Jiangsu Shang 13.33% stake, Hui Yu 4.67% equity, Zhongke Semiconductor 3.75% equity. Through this transaction, the company will withdraw from the semiconductor lighting business area, the main businesses will be greatly changed. The company said that the future will be further through mergers and acquisitions education services industry-related high-quality assets, increase the layout of education business to achieve business transformation. 

Siemens has decided to sell Osram 17.34%, with a turnover of about 9.4 billion 

Siemens announced in Germany October 4 that the decision to sell Osram 17.34% stake, the end of the relationship between the two sides over the years. Siemens shares a total of 1,815.50,000 shares, according to Reuters reported that each share will be sold at 65.05 euros, the total price of about 1.2 billion euros (equivalent to about 9.4 billion yuan). Siemens said the proceeds from the sale would be used for general business purposes, and that the shares would only retain a handful of Osram shares, which were debt to the equity company that expired in 2019. The news that Siemens and Osram management disagreed and soured on the relationship, and the rumours that Siemens had taken out the stakes, were now real. 

GE Announces Sale of lighting business 

In Thursday (8th), GE announced the sale of GE Lighting in an internal e-mail message, according to Media CLEVELAND.COM6 9th. "The company is discussing matters with potential buyers," said Alicia Gauer, GE's lighting PR director. To continue to streamline its portfolio and focus on its core digital industrial assets, the company is considering selling its lighting business. ” 

The company will consider strategic options based on final terms with potential buyers and may sell different business units for GE lighting to different buyers. But excluding professional lighting or other products and services sold by GE's current. 

Blue Tripod International HK $50 million sale of lighting business 

Blue Tripod International announced April 28, the company agreed to sell 50 million Hong Kong dollars ace Winner Holdings Limited all issued equity and sales loans. Ace Winner Holdings Limited for the company wholly owned, the company through the ace Winner Holdings Limited indirectly owns 69.44% rights of China affiliated company Jiangsu Steady Run Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Mainly engaged in the design and marketing of light-emitting diodes and semiconductor lighting-related products. 

The company said that the sale will help the group to allocate resources to its existing business (especially the integrated resort development) and other potential investments in line with the group's long-term business strategy, and to minimize the market risk to the group as the LED lighting industry goes downhill. 

Taiwan LED factory plans to sell China Credit Branch Holdings 

Taiwan LED manufacturers photoelectric April 19 held shareholders meeting, the company last year still losses to make up for the loss of 2.453 billion yuan (NT, the same below), shareholders will be sold to invest in the investment unit Huaxin Branch Holdings, not more than 5.981 million shares in the open market to sell in batches at market prices; This year the operation as a result of the niche products, efforts to work hard to turn surplus. 

China is expected to come out of the bottom of the LED industry this year but blue and white LED will still face price competition, so, China has ended Blu-ray LED chip production, betting resources in four-yuan led and infrared products, forecast blue light by the mainland chip factory new production capacity, although the market will not be bad, but the Taiwan factory make money is not easy, By the low price competition erosion profit. 

OP Lighting intends to sell the subsidiary 100% stake, the sale price is not expected to exceed 300 million 

April 17 evening, OP lighting announcement, in order to further comb and integrate the company's core business, to achieve long-term and stable development of the company is intended to sell the company's wholly owned subsidiary Shanghai Chanlong Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chanlong lighting") 100% stake. The counterparty to the transaction has not been determined and the proposed price is expected to be no higher than 300 million yuan.