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Turkish manufacturers introduced SunLike natural spectrum products for plant lighting

Jul 21, 2020

Turkish lighting solutions provider Fiberli has reportedly used Seoul-based Semiconductor's SunLike series of natural spectrum LED products for LED plant lighting.

The spectrum emitted by SunLike series LED products is similar to that of natural sunlight, and the wavelength range provided is 380nm-740nm, which can meet the growth requirements of different crops and flowers. Fiberli introduced SunLike series LED products and installed the samples in an area of 1500 square meters.

Seoul Semiconductor said the plant lighting market is growing rapidly and the company has expanded its plant lighting LED portfolio and will further expand its global customer base.

It is reported that SunLike series products are the result of cooperation between Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba Materials, combining Seoul Semiconductor's photoelectric semiconductor technology with Toshiba Materials' TRI-R technology. Currently, SunLike products have entered many markets around the world, such as Thailand. After seOULsemiconductor entered the Thai market in 2018, it mainly promoted SunLike series products in the local market and continued to promote its own LED chip market share.

In fact, whether in the field of plant lighting or health lighting, full-spectrum lighting that simulates sunlight has become one of the new trends in the lighting industry. Driven by various manufacturers, related products are gradually popularized in the market, and the concept of health lighting is gradually gaining popularity.