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UV light UVLED - plant growth important application value

May 17, 2017

With the development of modern agriculture, the idea of new agriculture is pouring and shouting day, with the development of urbanization becoming more and more fierce, the area of cultivated land is becoming scarce, and the environment is becoming more and more bad because of the long-term economic form. Also increasingly prominent. With the "agricultural science and technology development" 12th Five-Year Plan "(2011-2015)" pointed out "is a key period of building a moderately prosperous society, is in the industrialization and urbanization in-depth development of agricultural modernization simultaneously to promote the crucial stage to ensure that national food Safety, farmers' income and the task of sustainable development of agriculture is more arduous, we must accelerate the promotion of agricultural science and technology innovation, and enhance the ability of agricultural science and technology support. "Plant plant concept is also riding a new policy to flourish into the substantive application stage.

CSA Research pointed out that China's industrial technology in 2016 beyond the stage of progress. Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft in the space for the cultivation of lettuce scientific experiments, LED plant lighting become a major highlight of Shenzhou flying. 2016, the semiconductor lighting application market demand can be described as the east of the sunrise west of the rain, LED lighting and other traditional alternative market is accelerating penetration, plant lighting and other emerging market segments become a hot market. At the same time, "thirteen five" semiconductor lighting industry planning will be released in early 2017, "planning" the introduction of the next step in the development of the industry focus on the development of a clear direction.

National "thirteen five" plan to come, but also "LED energy-saving light source, three-dimensional soilless cultivation, light and temperature coupled with energy-saving environmental control, nutrient control, network-based intelligent management, artificial light plant, natural light plant factory demonstration "Seven key areas of development to alleviate the increasingly prominent food crisis, and thus promote the various disciplines related to the study. As the seven key areas of development in the "LED energy-saving light source", our UVLED plant in the field can be described as important, promising.

The productivity of open-air agriculture is directly related to the quality of light, and the saturation of the light depends on the severity of the weather. Similarly, the speed of plant growth is directly related to the influence of weather. Plant plant concept has many advantages: high production efficiency, good control, application prospects. Plant plants in the use of electric light for the plant to extend the lack of solar light to provide the necessary light, through the soilless cultivation, special nutrient solution, ventilation, constant temperature and humidity and other technical means and technical equipment, Efficient, harmless, high-tech agriculture model.

The contribution of different spectra of sunlight to plant photosynthesis varies, and only 400 ~ 700nm light is the effective radiation for plant light cooperation, and the carbohydrate synthesis reaction process with plant. According to the visible and non-visible light distinction, invisible light contains the wavelength of less than 380nm band, this band called "UV" (referred to as UV), the plant for effective radiation, UV and far infrared light on plant growth and development regulation Function, which has important application value to agricultural production.

In the plant factory, the UV radiation distribution is closely related to the light transmittance of the glass, the shade net and the greenhouse film. The above materials absorb and filter the natural light, and the solar radiation is the main light source. (UV) for the coverage of these materials only 15.9 ~ 21.1%, greatly reducing the quality of the use of sunlight, but also greatly damaged the amount of ultraviolet light (UV) radiation. UV radiation from plants in traditional agricultural plants is also affected by the UV radiation components contained in traditional fill light fixtures, the uneven distribution of light distribution, and the effect of the application of UV (UV) on plant growth.

At present, the traditional agricultural cultivation or artificial cultivation to fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and other lamps and LED is only issued by the combination of red and blue light source as the main spectrum, it is clear that the lack of UV spectral components. Because of the lack of ultraviolet light in the facility, which leads to the serious growth and quality problems of the plant, the composition of the optimized and efficient spectrum of the light is very urgent. The LED is a new type of energy source which is energy saving, controllable, adjustable and efficient. Breakthrough and application technology continues to extend. The use and regulation of UV light in plant plants is very important to ensure high quality and high yield. It is an important guarantee to produce green organic food by applying artificial ultraviolet light (UV) light source to supplement UV radiation technology, which can reduce the chemical method leading to plant leggy and improve plant quality The However, so far on the long-wave UV light fill light for the nutritional quality of vegetables, especially the antioxidant regulatory mechanism of little research! Lack of efficient management of UV technology and equipment.

UV artificial light control in the realization of high quality of facilities and horticulture has a good application value, but in response to the application of crop types, application targets as the choice of application dose, exposure time to ensure the application of safety, in the selection of crops, vegetables, Use plants, flowers and fruit trees. Application of the main target is to control the plant's leggy and improve the quality of crops, such as improving the content of antioxidants in vegetables, increasing the accumulation of secondary metabolic substances in medicinal crops to speed up the leaves and petals in the synthesis of color material accumulation. In order to control the UV (UV) effect, UV radiation must be controlled, such as the use of short-term low-dose, intermittent repeated exposure, short-term pre-harvest irradiation and other methods of reasonable use of the dose.

Therefore, the emergence of UVLED and in the field of agricultural lighting to be applied to a variety of plant artificial light, its energy saving, cold light source, long life, small size, light purity, high luminous efficiency, rich wavelength type, spectral energy Easy to compound, easy modulation and other prominent advantages, will help a new round of plant factory model, can more rational use of light, wavelength band, to achieve different needs of different plants, to increase production, environmental protection, pollution-free The purposes .



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