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Visit Zhongke Sanan plant factory: the size of vegetables, but also plant herbs

May 17, 2017

In the Anxi Lake head photoelectric industrial park, just accept the provincial government work inspection group "review" not long before the provincial key projects under construction - in the three plant "plant", on the 25th ushered in a group of guests Visit, including the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Central Television, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, including nearly 20 central media more than 30 journalists came to this "farming sunshine" magic factory, to explore the new light of the biological industry password The

As a typical case of the transformation and transformation of modern agricultural research and scientific and technological achievements by the Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the "plant factory" is also an excellent example of cross-border integration and upgrading of industry. December 2015, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany and Fujian Sanan Group co-sponsored the establishment of a high-tech innovative enterprises - in three branches, the use of plants in the field of plant science research and development advantages, combined with the three key group Sanan Group Photoelectric leading LED light source technology, light biotechnology industry transformation. In June last year, Zhongke Sanan use its own intellectual property technology, in the lake head of the photoelectric industry park built the world's largest single 100,000-degree clean all the artificial light plant.

Through the use of computers on plant fertility temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide concentration and nutrient solution and other environmental conditions for automatic control, the plant's vegetable fertility is no longer subject to or rarely subject to natural conditions, significantly shorten the growth cycle. In just one year, the vegetable plant vegetable production is rising, and now every month there are 1.2 tons to 1.5 tons of lettuce, cabbage, grass and other vegetables from the "plant" to thousands of households table, with its fresh and clean The quality and more crisp taste to win a lot of consumers blitz.

"Plant plant in the future is not simply vegetables, will continue to extend to the field of biomedical." Sanan Group Chairman Lin Xiucheng in a media reporter asked, in a group of research and development efforts, "plant" From the kind of vegetables to expand to herbs.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany, Ph.D., researcher Zheng Yanhai told reporters, through continuous research and study, has mastered the Fujian Scutellaria japonicus, Anhui Huoshan Dendrobium, snake fir fir, martestine and a series of high value-added and endangered medicinal plant growth habits , Can use the "plant factory" to simulate the growth of wild Chinese herbal medicine environment, and through effective control means to improve the medicinal active ingredients in the plant body content, increase economic efficiency, "the second half of this year will use medicinal plant growth workshop, into mass production "In addition, the Ministry of Commerce has decided to purchase a self-developed modular plant in Zhong'e Sanan to donate a small" plant factory "in Kenya to support Africa's construction and to collect and protect local endangered medicinal plants.

Industrial or agriculture?

Plant plant construction in the reinforced concrete plant, it is industrial or agriculture? "Plant plants are agriculture," says Li Shaohua, a researcher at the Institute of Plant Research and Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. "The plant is a growing environment that includes temperature, humidity, light, CO2 and nutritional conditions. The highly efficient production system of plant is the most advanced agricultural development mode of modern agriculture, agricultural cultivation technology, environmental control, materials science, construction engineering and computer. It is regarded as the most advanced stage of agricultural development. "Li Shaohua explained that the plant is not subject to the natural environment constraints, it can be all-weather and efficient production, which not only can significantly improve land use, but also solve the increasingly prominent food safety issues; not only in urban agriculture, defense equipment, Ship, desert desert island, aerospace and other special environmental areas, for the settlement of our country more and less national conditions have important strategic significance and broad application space.

"Plant plant is an important development direction of future agriculture, but also by the world as a high-tech strategic emerging industries." Li Shaohua said.

Tens of billions of dollars business opportunities

"The concept of plant factories was first proposed by Japan, at present only the United States, Japan, Europe and a few developed countries to master the technology and the formation of mature industries." Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany, deputy researcher Pei Kequan cited data, according to industry forecasts, The global LED light source for plant growth will reach billions of dollars and plant fertility will reach tens of billions of dollars. China's plant factory started late, but the pace of development is very fast. "At present, all kinds of capital is accelerating into this emerging field, not only COFCO, Baosteel in the layout of the plant plant park, Philip, Mitsubishi and other enterprises have also involved in plant plant technology research and development and industry promotion." Pei Kequan said, according to Japan Co., It is expected that the Chinese plant is expected to reach more than 10 times the size of the Japanese plant in the future.

"According to incomplete statistics, as of now, China has built more than 80 plant plants, the largest is the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany and Fujian Sanan Group co-sponsored the establishment of Fujian Province Branch Branch Co., Ltd. in the operation of the Branch San An plant factory. "Li Shaohua researcher added.

Core technology "light recipe"

In the plant factory, from the germination room sowing began, the refining room of the LED light grow seedlings, and then to the cultivation room to continue to light, after the completion of growth to the pre-cooling room to cool, in the 100,000 purification plant for planting, fertility About 35 days. Li Shaohua said, "This production of fruits and vegetables, one hundred percent without pesticides, no heavy metal pollution, there is no transgenic and other people worried about the problem, can be directly consumed.

Speaking of the core technology of plant plants, he believes that the plant "light formula" and plant lighting products, plant nutrient solution formula and recycling technology, plant variety selection and cultivation methods are the core technology, and LED artificial light technology is the core Technology in the core, in this regard, China has been a global leader. At present, domestic LED lighting, the security of the market share of more than 68%, and more than 80% of the LED lights using the three optical chip. San'an photoelectric use of independent intellectual property rights have mastered plant growth lighting technology, research and development of LED chips can be used for vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and other crops to develop a dedicated light source development. Researchers have developed successful vegetable nursery lamps, cultivated lights and other types of LED lamps, different plants of the general and special nutrient solution, screening can be applied to the industrialization of more than 10 kinds of water culture leafy vegetables varieties.

Plant "light formula" is a long-term complexity study based on the light of different plant species at different stages of development. Li Shaohua explained that "the demand for light from different vegetable varieties is different, such as LED blue light The results showed that the fresh weight and chlorophyll content of the pea seedlings were the same, but the results were the opposite in other plants, which was very important in the lettuce production process of the plant factory, and the blue violet light was beneficial to the coloring of the purple leaf or the lettuce. Variety 'light recipe' will be the focus of future development, custom 'light recipe' means faster growth rate, higher yield and better quality. "



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