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Warehouse lighting should choose LED lights?

May 06, 2017

Factory lighting, including: workshop lighting, warehouse lighting, office lighting, factory lighting, lighting equipment, other ancillary lighting.

In the warehouse lighting design, should be based on visual requirements, the nature of the warehouse and environmental conditions, through the selection and configuration of LED lamps, so that the work area with reasonable range of illumination, color and the appropriate brightness distribution and comfortable visualthe environment

We can start from these elements to consider:

1) Energy-saving: According to operating time, different lighting requirements, can do two-way lighting line or intelligent dimming control lamps;

2) Safety: should be used with dust, corrosion, riot the performance of lighting fixtures to ensure the safe operation of lamps;

3) Long life: the warehouse should not be frequent replacement of lamps, to avoid the latter part of the increase in the cost of choice, long life, high stability of the lamps;

4) The height of the warehouse: the more common low-level warehouse 4-6 meters, 6-15 meters middle warehouse, special high-rise warehouse for more than 15 meters, choose a reasonable power of the lamps;

5) Shelf height: middle warehouse shelf height is generally 2 meters, while the middle of the warehouse shelves are generally 8 meters, consider the height of the shelf, the rational installation of the lamp location;

6) Illumination requirements: in order to be able to clearly identify the goods and labels, under normal circumstances to the ground brightness of the lowest can not be less than 80lux, but the specific circumstances of specific analysis;

1-3 elements on the performance of the lamp, you must choose the regular manufacturers of LED products, there will be no problems.

4-5 elements that should be based on the height of the shelves, place the layout to the layout of the lamp position to ensure that each channel has enough lighting, but also through professional lighting simulation software, analysis and calculation of how much power LED lights , In order to achieve the elements 6 in the illumination requirements.

Such as the common 4-6 m warehouse height, the customer requirements to the ground illumination 120lux, recommended 60W love as the LED mining lamp, the ground illumination can reach 130lux, the distance between the lamp and the lamp 6 meters.

The most common there are 9-12 meters of the warehouse, for example, the height of a warehouse is 12 meters, the shelf height of 8 meters, due to high shelf, the top of the shelf is also very good lighting, it is recommended to use love Lai 150W mining lamps, 120 Degree of light angle, lighting installation height: 9.5 meters, from the ground height of 1875px when the illumination is 150lux, 6 meters from the ground when the illumination is 240lux, the distance between the lamp and the lamp 6 meters.

In determining the warehouse lighting program, should consider the different types of buildings on the warehouse lighting special requirements, and handle the relationship between lighting and natural lighting, the use of efficient light source lamps, the rational use of construction funds to improve the quality of warehouse lighting.

After reading these programs, I believe you must choose how to choose the most suitable for your plant warehouse lights have some understanding, of course, there are more solutions, the need for specific analysis of specific circumstances.



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