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What are the LED fixture parameters?

Jun 02, 2017

1. Luminous flux: the sum of the energy received by the light source and received by the human eye is the luminous flux (in Im). In general, the higher the power of the same type of lamp, the greater the luminous flux

2. Illumination E

The luminous flux received per unit area is called the illuminance (in units of 1x lux), ie 11x = 11m /Light intensity

Light source in a given direction of the unit of solid angle emitted within the luminous flux known as the light source in the direction of the luminous intensity, known as the light intensity (unit cd candela) 1cd = 11m / s

4. Brightness l

The brightness of the light source in a direction is nt nits

5. Light effect

The ratio of the total flux emitted by the light source to the electric power consumed by the light source is in lumens per watt (Lm / W)

6. Color temperature

When the color of the light emitted by the light source is the same as that of the blackbody at a certain temperature, the temperature of the black body is called the color temperature ct, expressed by the absolute temperature K, and the blackbody radiation is based on the heat radiation, so the incandescent lamp The spectral power distribution of the heat radiation source of the class is close to the spectral power in the visible region of the blackbody, and is the continuous spectrum. The concept of color temperature can describe this spectrum completely.

7. Related color temperature

When the color of the light emitted by the spectrum is close to the color of the radiation at a temperature of the blackbody, the temperature of the blackbody is called the correlated color temperature (CCT)

8. Average life expectancy

Average life is the number of hours in which a half of the lights are lit and the light is not lit.

9. Economic life refers to the number of hours in which the integrated beam output is reduced to a specific ratio in the case of a colleague considering the damage of the bulb and the attenuation of the beam output, which is used for 70% of the outdoor area for 80%

10. Efficiency

Light source luminous efficiency refers to a light source emitted by the luminous flux and the power consumption of the ratio of the light source.

12. Glare

Vision from the very high brightness of the object, will cause visual discomfort, known as glare, glare is divided into disability glare and uncomfortable glare, glare is an important factor affecting the quality of the light source.

1x (lux), ie 11x (lux) = llm / square meter.


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