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What do line lamps look for in addition to their looks?

Jun 29, 2020

   What spaces, what scenarios, and what requirements are we planning to develop for the product? Standard Office Building, open plan office, President's Office, Conference Room, industrial warehouse, Logistics Warehouse, supermarket or High School Space, Factory Assembly Line, etc. ? Define the requirements before you proceed.

  Products face value now on the market for lamps and lanterns, in particular, hanging lamps and lanterns face value requirements are still relatively high, lamps and lanterns appearance, directly determine the customer's first impression. The shape of lamps can be graceful s type, industrial design full circle type, more can be artistic beauty and practical take into account of the bamboo and wood lamp body linear lighting, and so on.

    Of course, office lighting linear lighting can also add two application scene lamps, that is, linear floor lamp and linear wall lamp, for the entire office lighting in different spaces to provide different scene application subdivision lamps, but beauty is the first factor.