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What is the LED garden lights

May 22, 2017

LED garden lights are a kind of outdoor lighting, the light source is the use of new LED semiconductor as a light body, usually refers to the following 6 meters of outdoor road lighting, the main components from: LED light source, lamps, poles, Plate, foundation embedded parts 5 parts, because the LED garden lights with its diversity, aesthetics with landscaping and decorative environment characteristics, it is also known as the landscape LED garden lights. LED has: energy saving, high efficiency and other characteristics, mainly used in urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places of outdoor lighting, to extend people's outdoor activities time and improve property safety.


Development background


Policy background:

1, July 1, 2007, the Ministry of Construction to develop the street design standards "urban road lighting design standards" (CJJ45-2006) began to implement.


2, January 2008, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission jointly issued "efficient lighting products to promote financial subsidies to the Interim Measures", will take indirect subsidies to focus on efficient lighting products to replace incandescent lamps and other inefficient lighting equipment.


3, April 2009, the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the "ten city ten thousand" policy, led the domestic LED lights technology and product development. 4, July 1, 2009, by the well-known enterprises in Guangdong Province drafted LED street lamp local standard "LED lights" (DB44) official implementation.


business background:

With the global economic growth, the global street lamp market will show a year-on-year growth trend, the global street market in 2010 scale of 1.6 to 180 million or so.


Although the development of LED garden lights in 2009, although not expected to fast, but it will replace the traditional garden lights, which is beyond doubt. Many LED companies competing to invest in research and development of LED garden lights, hundreds of have launched the LED garden lights products, but most have not yet mass production. Relative to the LED garden lights business enthusiasm, in 2009 China's LED garden lights market has not yet force. According to statistics, in 2009 China's LED garden lights market size is only 20-30 million, the next few years, in the ten city ten thousand, thousands of miles and other slogan policy to promote the Chinese LED street lamp market remains fast Market development speed.


Main composition:

LED garden lights mainly composed of five major components:


1, LED light system: LED light source system includes: heat, with light, LED module.

LED garden light source

2, lamps: lamps installed within the LED lighting system. Cut line to do the wire, take 1.0mm? Red, black copper multi-strand line, the cut 6 section 40mm, both ends of the stripping head 5mm, and soaked tin. Do light board lead, take YC2X1.0mm? Two core line, cut a section of 700mm, the inner stripped of the skin 60mm, brown line stripping head 5mm, dip tin; blue line stripping 5mm, dip tin. The outer edge of stripping the skin 80mm, brown line stripping head 20mm; blue line stripping head 20mm.


3, light pole: LED corridor light pole main materials are: equal diameter steel pipe, the opposite sex steel pipe, equal diameter aluminum tube, cast aluminum poles, aluminum pole. The thickness of the selected material is divided into: wall thickness of 2.5, wall thickness of 3.0, wall thickness of 3.5, thickness of 3.5, thickness of 3.5, thickness of 3.5, (The above is the conventional size)


4, the flange and the basis of embedded parts: the flange is LED corridor lights and ground installation of the important components. LED garden lights installation method: the installation of LED garden lights, the need to provide manufacturers according to the standard flange size, the use of M16 or M20 (commonly used specifications) screw welding into the base cage, and then at the installation site, by digging the appropriate size of the hole , The basic cage placed therein, the level of correction, the use of cement concrete to water the fixed base cage, 3-7 days after the cement concrete fully solidified, you can install the garden lights. (Note: LED courtyard lamp foundation pouring need to draw the pipeline).

The main function:

Different styles of LED garden lights dressed in the city

Different styles of LED garden lights dressed in the city

LED garden lights developed to the 21st century, is widely used in urban slow lane, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard corridors and other public places of the road unilateral or two volumes for road lighting, The safety of people traveling at night is used to increase the time of outdoor activities and improve the safety of life and property. It can also change people's feelings, improve people's emotions, and can change the concept of people, to create a dark and dark palette-like night. Night, garden lighting can provide the necessary lighting and living convenience, increase the sense of security, but also highlight the city highlights, interpretation of the beautiful style, so far in use, has developed into a mature industry chain .

Fold this comparison: 

1, LED is a semiconductor diode, its life is very long. When the luminous flux decays to 80%, its life reached 50,000 hours. And metal

LED light source

LED light source

Halide lamp life of 6000 ~ 12000 hours, high pressure sodium lamp life is 12,000 hours.


2, the basic structure of LED is an electroluminescent semiconductor material, placed in a lead on the shelf, and then surrounded by epoxy resin seal, play a role in protecting the internal core, so the LED seismic performance.


3, white LED light color than high pressure sodium lamp is good. In the middle of the visual level, the human eye in the high color temperature environment than the low color temperature environment easier to distinguish things. White LED color is also much better than the high pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium color rendering index is only 20 right, and white LED can reach 65 ~ 80. its


4, LED can achieve a more perfect dimming function. As the LED's operating range is large, its light output and operating current is proportional, so you can reduce the current method to dim. In addition, because the LED frequent switching on its not much damage, LED dimming can also be used to adjust the pulse width method to achieve, by adjusting the voltage duty cycle and operating frequency, can effectively adjust the LED luminous intensity.


5, in the light of the optical system, LED light source of the smallest loss of luminous flux. Unlike traditional light sources, LEDs are half-space light sources. High-pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp is a full-space light source, the need to change the distance of a half-space 180 ° direction into the other half of the space. When we rely on the reflector to complete, the reflector of the light absorption and light source of their own light is inevitable. The use of LED as a light source, there will be no loss of this, the utilization of light than the traditional light source. Finally, the LED light source does not contain harmful metal mercury, unlike the high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp in the end of the waste caused by environmental hazards.

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