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What kind of protection should the road lighting power supply have?

May 11, 2017

LED lighting technology to today, the overall performance of LED optical module has been quite stable, the direct impact of the lighting life of the key is the power-driven reliability, data show that LED outdoor lighting failure more than 70% of the factors due to power failure or instability cause. At the same time, outdoor lighting is also the focus of many LED lighting business layout and contention, but the outdoor lighting application environment due to the existence of thunderstorms, summer high temperature, cold winter and other natural phenomena and inevitable, compared to the indoor environment is more complex, Drive the reliability requirements are even more stringent. What is the protective power of the outdoor power supply for the outdoor environment that is more harsh than the indoor environment?

1, lightning protection capability.

 As we all know, outdoor lightning on the power of the great harm, usually a direct lightning, guided mine, lightning and other types of induction, and the most common lightning sensor, the power damage is also the largest, often produce 4KV or even higher voltage. Good power supply should have a better lightning protection capability, and follow the relevant national design standards (GB / T 17626.5, the standard equivalent to IEC-61000-4-5, the provisions of differential pressure compression 2KV, common mode compression 4KV). Based on the climatic characteristics of the lightning strike zone, the lightning protection design of the power supply is usually higher than the national standard, the differential pressure is 4KV, the common mode compression is 6KV. Of course, in addition to the integrated power lightning protection design, some special lightning-intensive areas, lighting users can also refer to IEC61643-1 or EN61643-11 and other related standards, in the front of the lighting transmission and then add an independent lightning protection device, the effect will be better The

2, high temperature cold resistance.

 Some areas outside the air temperature can be as high as 50 ℃, and the lowest and often as low as minus 30 ℃, which requires the power supply must have a wide range of work temperature, the constant power supply through the carefully selected and excellent thermal design, ℃ to +70 ℃ wide range of work, to ensure reliable products, stable performance.

3, waterproof ability.

Although the power supply is immersed in water, it can be safely used, but it is safe to use even if the power supply is immersed in water, but the protection level of rain protection is very high. , Can avoid moisture and moisture, salt spray on the power of the internal PCB lines and components of the impact. In the constant power supply by the potting process, fully meet the IP67 protection level to prevent the moisture or salt mist effect caused by the power failure, while the special potting material heat transfer performance is also very good, can help power cooling, potting process Although the increase in costs, but the use of reliable products, can put an end to the quality of late hidden dangers.


In addition, the power of the over-temperature protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, and even over-power protection and other functions are also essential.

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