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What professional knowledge about LED linear lights?

Jul 06, 2020

     In the lighting project, most of the LED line lights 2113 are used as architectural outline hooks 5261, or as a 4102 code screen effect, its shape can be freely matched with 1653, and the practicability is also very strong. Next, follow Yuyang Sentai to understand the relevant knowledge of LED line lights, and distinguish it from other LED lamps.

                                   LED Linear LIGHT

     The LED line light is the LED profile wall washer series aluminum profile lamp body, the compact and lightweight end cover and the mounting bracket are made of aluminum alloy high-pressure die-casting high-temperature resistant silicon rubber seal ring, to ensure the reliability of waterproof. The lamps can be installed individually or in combination. Suitable for various buildings, indoor or outdoor local or outline lighting.

     LED line light series is a high-end flexible decorative lamp, which is characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy to bend, maintenance-free, etc. Especially suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, building outline drawing and billboard production, etc. According to different needs, the product has 12V, 24V, etc., and the length is 30CM, 60CM, 90CM, 120CM, etc. Line lights with different specifications can also be customized according to customer needs.

     The shell of the lamp is made of aluminum alloy, with bright lines, simple structure, beautiful appearance, strong, corrosion-resistant, and easy installation. The surface of the lamp is sprayed with static electricity, which is resistant to high temperature and weather. The reflector adopts imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high output of light energy. 3MM thick high-strength tempered glass, high light transmittance and impact resistance. The built-in guaranteed protection grade can reach IP65. Technical parameter table Model: HX-XQ Color range: red, yellow, blue, green, white and color Beam angle: 15°-60° Light irradiation distance: 20 meters Control system: DMX512 controller or simple controller housing for wall washer Material Aluminum alloy connection method Standard signal power cord connector 3-pin signal connector.

     16 million colors of static display flashing changes can be achieved through color matching: flickering and flickering

     Cross-color change: Several color temperatures alternate at intervals

     Chasing changes: catching up with several color temperatures

     Flow work function: a single color temperature circulates regularly

     Finally, in practical applications, if it is not particularly strict, LED line lights and LED wall wash lights can be used together, especially in terms of waterproof, especially suitable for outdoor lighting engineering applications, LED wall wash lights are mostly large Power products, while LED line lights are mostly low-power.