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why you should choose led lighting,the luxsky lighting,

Apr 16, 2017

Bright and beautiful, LED (light-emitting diode) lighting brings a multitude of benefits compared with its traditional cousins, the incandescent and fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

As well as its environmental benefits and design advantages,

The opportunities for saving costs are enormous. Here's a simple guide to the top seven reasons why LED is a winner in our world today,

1. Lower energy bills

While traditional bulbs convert around just 20% of the electrical energy they consume into light, the figure for LED is between 80-90%. That means vastly reduced energy bills!

2. Vastly reduced replacement costs

LED lights have a far longer lifespan than conventional bulbs and are expected to operate for up to 50,000 hours (compared with only 1,200 hours for an incandescent bulb or 8,000 hours for a CFL unit,In addition, LEDs withstand much tougher conditions than traditional options, making them an ideal choice for street lighting, runways, public spaces ,office lighting,and other exterior applications.

3. Cooler light

LED emits almost no UV and only tiny amounts of infra-red light, making it the ideal choice for sensitive environments such as museums, art galleries or laboratories where UV rays and heat could risk damage.

4. Environmentally friendly

LEDs are 100% recyclable. Add to this their non-toxic composition, energy efficiency, low voltage needs and longevity and the LED is a superbly 'green' alternative to traditional lighting.

5. Design flexibility

Designers love LED because it gives infinite choice in the shape and size of fittings as well as the colour, distribution and level of light. LEDs can also be directed without external reflectors (this adds to their greater energy efficiency, too

6. Smart innovation

LEDs open up a new world of opportunities for further cost savings as well as improving energy efficiency, service and revenue streams via smart technology. For example, think occupancy detection, photosensors and intelligent control technologies: the possibilities are boundless.

7. Instant light

Conventional lighting often needs to 'warm up' to full brightness, but LED units give instant bright light the moment they're switched on. And no matter how often they are switched on and off, their longevity is unaffected.

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