Emergency IP65 Waterproof LED Tri-proof Light 600mm, 900mm,1200mm,1500mm

Product Details

Emergency lighting LED Tri-proof Linear light with IP65 waterproof

LS-11-LLD-EM product series is a new product that based on common triproof lamp and plus an emergency lighting function, which is done according to international emergency lighting requirement.IP65/IP66, IK10, CRI>80Ra, 90Ra available, from 0.3m to 2.4m available, powers can be 10Watt to 120Watt according to difference lamp lengths.frosed cover with over 100lm/w high bright lighting even 150lm/w. Luxsky lighting offer 3 to 5 years good quality warranty and fast product and lighting solution service.Emergency function from 5W to 25W with 30minutes,60minutes,90 minutes,120minutes,180minutes.

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◆ High lumens SMD 2835, no flickering;

◆ Warm white, natural white, cool white;

◆ Color temperature 2800-3300K, 4000-4500K,5000-5500K,6000-6500K;

◆ Input voltage: AC100-277V, 50/60Hz; 200-240V,50/60Hz;

◆ Power: 10W/20W/30W/36W/40W/45W/48W/60W/72W/80W;

◆ Luminous efficacy: 100lm-150lm/W;  CRI. > 80Ra;

◆ IP rate: IP65; IK rate:  Ik10;

◆ Lighting Angle:120°;

◆ 3-5 years' warranty;

◆ Working temperature:-20℃~50℃;

◆ Lifetime: more than 50,000Hours;

◆ Materials: High lumen and quality Epistar/Philips/SamsungLEDs, aluminum housing(silver);

◆ Adopt own design waterproof structure and nice heat sink to keep the structure steady and high quality;

◆ High-efficiency, low-heat and energy-saving, eco-friendly, long lifetime, 

◆ Emergency kits, microwave sensor, daylight, dali/0-10V;

◆ With CE, RoHs; TUV,SAA,UL driver. 

※ Application:

LED Tri-proof Lights are mostly applied to public lighting, commercial lighting& industrial lighting:

◆ Cars Parking lot underfloor

◆ Supermarkets, shops, hotels;

◆ Stockrooms, warehouses, factories;

◆ Airport/Train/Bus station waiting rooms.

emergency triproof light

※ Parameters:

Part No.CCTSizeLumensPowerVoltageCRILEDEmergency
AC100-277V>80Ra2835 SMDAvailable
LS-11-LLD4-06-EM2800-6500K600*91*75mm100-140lm/W20/30WAC100-277V>80Ra2835 SMDAvailable
LS-11-LLD4-09-EM2800-6500K900*91*75mm100-140lm/W30/36/40WAC100-277V>80Ra2835 SMDAvailable
LS-11-LLD4-12-EM2800-6500K1200*91*75mm100-140lm/W40/48/60WAC100-277V>80Ra2835 SMDAvailable
LS-11-LLD4-15-EM2800-6500K1500*91*75mm100-140lm/W40/48/60/72WAC100-277V>80Ra2835 SMDAvailable
LS-11-LLD4-18-EM2800-6500K1800*91*75mm100-140lm/W50/60/72/80WAC100-277V>80Ra2835 SMDAvailable
LS-11-LLD4-24-EM2800-6500K2400*91*75mm100-140lm/W72/100/120WAC100-277V>80Ra2835 SMDAvailable

Emergency Solution for Tri-proof Lights

 EM Kit Data 

Battery Material:   Lithium battery or Nickel Cadmium battery  
EM Hours:   1hours/ 1.5hours/ 2hours/ 3hours  
EM Hours:   1hours/ 1.5hours/ 2hours/ 3hours  

EM Power:   10W(EM Power:6W); 20W(EM Power:6W) ,  30W(EM Power:9W) 

               40W(EM Power:12W) ,  50W(EM Power:15W) , 60W(EM Power:18W)

EM Battery Capacity Voltage:  


        10W(900MAh-6v/ 1200MAh-6V/ 1500MAh-6v/ 2000MAh-6V)                        

        20W(900MAh-6v/ 1200MAh-6V/ 1500MAh-6v/ 2000MAh-6V)       

        30W(1200MAh-12V/ 1500MAh-12V/ 1800MA-12V/ 2200MAh-12V) 

        40W(1500MAh-12v/ 1800MAh-12V/ 2200MAh-12V/ 3500MAh-12V)

        50W(1800MAh-12V/ 2200MAh-12V/ 3000MA-12V/ 5500MAh-12V)     

        60W(2200MAh-12V/ 3000MAh-12V/ 4400MAh-12V/ 6000MAh-12V) 

※Real Production Photos for Tri-proof Lights

Emergency lamps IP65LED Emergency lamps IP65Emergency tri-proof lamps IP65

※Installations for Tri-proof Lights

Installation Diagram

LED tri-proof lights IP65Wires Diagram

Connection for led tri-proof lights

※Package for LED Tri-proof Lights

Package of led tri-proof emergency lights

0.3M: 300mm*210mm*260mm; 5.5kg/6pcs;

0.6M: 600mm*210mm*260mm; 8.8kg/6pcs;

1.2M: 1300mm*210mm*260mm; 16kg/6pcs;

1.5M: 1600mm*210mm*260mm; 20kg/6pcs;

1.8M: 1800mm*210mm*260mm; 24kg/6pcs;

2.4M: 1800mm*210mm*260mm; 32kg/6pcs;

Storage Environment:

  1. Ambient operating temperature range: -20 °C-- + 40 °C;

  2. Environmental Storage temperature range: -25°C --- + 65 °C;

  3. Environmental Ratings: dry and ventilated moisture-free environment.

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