LED Tri-proof Plant Growing Linear Lights 60cm,120cm, 150cm With IP65 Batten

Product Details

LED Tri-proof Plant Growing Linear Lights Series IP65

LED Plant Grow Lights Simulate the effective wavelengthth that sunlight to plants(red &Blue) and maximize the steady wavelength which promotes the photosynthesis and speed up the plants breed and grow, so short the growth period. What's more, it can prevent the plants' diseases and insect pestes and improve the economic returns.

We plus the plant grow lighting function on tri-proof, because of its waterproof structure and function which can apply in the places where will touch the wet wheather and water, such as plants farm, greenhouse,flower plants and so on. 

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Specification of LED Tri-proof linear Light with Plant Grow Function

ModelSizePowerVoltageColorPFIK RateIP Rate
AC100-277VR+B( pink)>0.95IK10IP65
AC100-277VR+B( pink)>0.95IK10IP65
AC100-277VR+B( pink)>0.95IK10IP65

Features of Plant Grow Tri-proof Linear Batten Lights IP65 Serirs:

Brand name: Luxsky Lighting

Product Model: LS-11-LLD-PG( Tri-proof)

AC Input: 100-277VAC,50/60Hz

DC Output: DC30-42V

Power: 30W,40W,50W,60W,70W,80W

Lamp size: 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm

Function: Plant Growing

Lighting Color: Red+Blue

RED+Blue rate: 3:1; 4:1; 5:1;6:1; 7:1; 8:1; 9:1

Blue: Min.450nm; Red: Max. 635nm

Operating Temperature:-30~+55

Operating Humidity:15~90%RH

Fixture materials: Aluminum Alloy+PC Diffuser

Eco-friendly, power saving and long life span

IP rate: IP65; IK rate: IK10

Certificates: CE, RoHs, TUV, UL driver

Garrantee: 3-5years

plants growing

The influence for different Vegetables with different Rate of Red & Blue Color:

VegetablesRatio of colorDesription
LettuceRed:Blue=6:1/7:1Field planting/grow seedling period to use 6:1 and 7:1, it is best for its growing.
Chinese ChivesRed:Blue=7:1It helps Chives grow higher,stem bigger,leaf wider
CucumberRed:Blue=7:2; 7:1Best ratio small seedling with 7;2; and grow with 7:1
Green vegetables/water convolvulusRed:Blue=7:1Thsi ratio is best for the leaf growing
White radishRed:Blue=8:1Best growing Ratio
lactuca sativa leafRed:Blue=9:1Best growing Ratio
strawberry & TomatosRed:Blue=9:1it mostly benefits for their growing and fruit bigger and eutrophy more
Bean sproutsRed:Green:Blue=6:2:1Best growing Ratio
CallaRed:Blue=6:2Best growing Ratio
Anthurium sunRed:Blue=7:3it benifits its shape and root grow.
Dendrobium officinale Kimura et MigoRed:Blue=7:3; Red:Blue=6:47:3, it breeds very well; and 6:4,it benefits for its photosynthesis and accumulate its medicinal value.



Installation Height of Plant Grow Lights:

Height of installation of the plant grow lights



Within the regulation to cover the need to fill the light-based plants;



In theory, within this range, the more the fill-in light makde, the better for the plants grow according to the real need of plants grow.

Such as 3 hrs before sunrise and 3hrs after sunset.

Dimensions of Plant Grow Tri-proof Lights:

size of tri-proof lights

Installation Diagram of Plant Grow Tri-proof linear Lights:

Tri-proof led linear lights installation

Wire Diagram of Plant Grow Tri-proof linear Lights:

connect of the lights

connectors of the lights

Package Information of LED Linear lights with Grow Lighting:

Lamp sizes Net Weight(N.W.)Gross Weight(G.W.)

Package Carton Size








If you're going to wholesale the led tri-proof plant growing linear lights 60cm,120cm, 150cm with ip65 batten made in China, welcome to contact our manufacturers and suppliers. We have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory to better serve you.