800mm Big Round LED Pendant Panel Light

LED panel lamp has a unique design, and the light passing through the light guide plate with high light transmittance forms a uniform planar luminous effect, with good uniformity of illumination, soft, comfortable and bright light, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue.LED panel lights can also prevent radiation, will not stimulate pregnant women, the elderly, children's skin.

Product Details

Features of Big LED Panel Lights

Brand: Luxsky Lighting

Part No.: LS-01-R40; R60;R80,R100

Sizes: Φ400mmx12mm;Φ600mmx12mm;Φ800mmx12mm;Φ1000mmx12mm;

Color: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

CRI: 80Ra@ 100lm-120lm/W; 90Ra @90lm-100lm/W

LED Resource: 2835 Epistar LED

Input Voltage: AC200-240V, 50/60Hz; AC100-277V,50/60Hz;

Power: 30W to 70W, no flickering.

Materials: 6063 Aluminum profile+ laser PMMA Lighting Board/diffuser

IP rate: IP42; IK rate: IP08

Driver: Europen or USA Satndard Driver and brands available.

Installastion: Suspended/ pendant

Warranty: 5 years warranty

Certificates: CE & RoHs, SAA, ETL/UL standard.



Parameters of Big LED Panel Lights


Pat No.SizeColorPowerLumensPower FactorIP Rate
LS-01-R40Φ400mm3000K /4000K/5000K25W/30W3000lms>0.95IP42
LS-01-R60Φ600mm3000K /4000K/5000K36W/40W4000lms>0.95IP42
LS-01-R80Φ800mm3000K /4000K/5000K50W5000lms>0.95IP42
LS-01-R100Φ1000mm3000K /4000K/5000K70W7000lms>0.95IP42



Installation of Big Round LED Panel Lights





Application of Large Round pendant Panels

Because of round panel design with soft lighting and big surface lighting, also with high brightness, it is popular with the project clients who love big round sizes very much. They are mostly used in the advanced places and luxurious and grand places: such as high-end shopping malls, Hospitals Halls, General Assembly Halls, Hotel halls,Exhibition halls , etc.

led panel lightsbig round panel lights


Luxsky Lighting 's big round panel lights with specific design and high quality and brightness approval, we welcome all projects clients to purchase from us directly.