LED CCT 2800-6500K Temperature Change And Dimming Panel Light With 40W, 48W,60W By CC Lighting Solution

※Features: LED high lumens output, 4 sides view-side light; CCT color adjustive smoothly, no flickering, no humming ; Color temperature 2800K-6500K to change and dimming; AC100-240V, constant voltage DC24Vdriver, constant current panel solution; Dimensions: 595*595mm/600*600mm/...

Product Details

LED CCT Dimming color change Panel Lights(CC Solution)


Part No.CCT Colorsize(mm)PowerSolution DimmingLumensCRIIP Rate
LS-01-PL5959-CC2800-6500K  WW+CW595x59540W-60WDC36-42V CCCCT dimming>100lm/W>80RaIP40/IP65
LS-01-PL6060-CC2800-6500K WW+CW600x60040W-60WDC36-42V CCCCT dimming>100lm/W>80RaIP40/IP65
LS-01-PL6262-CC2800-6500K WW+CW620x62040W-60WDC36-42V CCCCT dimming>100lm/W>80RaIP40/IP65
LS-01-PL3012-CC2800-6500K  WW+CW295x119540W-60WDC36-42V CCCCT dimming>100lm/W>80RaIP40/IP65
LS-01-PL6012-CC2800-6500K WW+CW595x119540W-60WDC36-42V CCCCT dimming>100lm/W>80RaIP40/IP65

1>. From 2800K to 6500K, it always keeps 40W or 60W; such as 40W+40W=40W;

2>. Adjust LED temperature color change smoothly, no flickering;

3>. They can be controlled separately or group control,

4>. It can get 0-100% dimming effect in different color sections.

5>. CC( constant current) solution is better than CV solution mainly in the lighting efficiency. 

   CC is brighter than CV solution at the same power.


1.LED high lumens output, 4 sides view-side light;

2.CCT Temperature color adjustive smoothly, no flickering;

3.Color temperature 2800K to 6500K( color change and dimming);

4.AC100-240V/200-240V, constant voltage DC36-42V output, constant current panel solution;

5.Dimensions: 595*595mm/600*600mm/ 620*620mm/300*1200mm/600*1200mm;

6.Luminous efficacy:>100lm/W;

7.CRI. 80-85Ra/ 90-95 Ra;

8.Working temperature:-15℃~55℃;

9.Beam angle: 120°;

10.Lifetime: more than 50,000Hours;

11.Install method: suspended/ceiling mounted/recessed;

12.Materials: High lumen and quality Epistar SMD LEDs(28-30lms), 6063 aluminum housing(silver/white);

13.Adopt own design structure and nice heat sink to keep panel structure steady and high quality;

14.High-efficiency, low-heat and energy-saving, eco-friendly, long lifetime, UV-resistant,dustproof;

15.With TUV CE, RoHs, FCC approval, 3 years' warranty.

LED CCT panels



※Features of 2.4G Hz Remoter:

1. Fast response, excellent anti-interference;

much better than 433MHz remoter in the market.

2. Max. controllable distance: 25~30m.

3. One remote can match with 5 controllers or 5 group controllers with code.

4. Match Code: When the controller is just powered on, press "I" key on the remoter

3 times at once within 3 seconds, if the controller has received the signal successfully,

the panels will flash 3 times, it is successful to match the code.

5. Cancel code: When the controller is just powered on, press "I" key on the remoter

5 times at once within 3 seconds, if the controller has received the signal successfully,

the panels will flash 3 times, it is successful to cancel the code.

2.4G remoter CCT 2.4G group control remoter

※ One To One Control & One to Group Control:

CCT panel dimmingCCT dimming panel light
       Individual Control CCT Panel         Group Control CCT Panels

※Lux Drawing:

CCT LED Panel 40W

※ CCT Panel Light Installations:



1.Take down the exsit traditional lights or ceiling board or make the new hole;

2.Open the carton and take out the panels;

3.Install the accessories for the panels;

4.Keep the power is off before intall the panel on the ceiling;

5.Following the steps in the manual;

6.Please keep the professional electrician to install or repair the panels.

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