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2016-control Industry Overview

Jan 19, 2017

With the development of energy-saving lighting technology, traditional protagonist of incandescent lighting market to be the curtain call, leave the lighting market. Some years ago, the domestic industry LED lighting as bright as Sirius, from technological innovations to policies of good, old and new people flocked to dig gold, a strong need in passing along with upstream and downstream industries associated with fire, yet lying has money these days do not seem to last long.

Tiny LED corporate failures, unveiled the curtain of China's LED industry. This year, the Government procurement threshold raised, IPO listings, industry standard launched three factors will accelerate the process of LED industry reshuffle.

Lighting product prices begin to dip, and large scale gradually, some enterprises to avoid the direct competition of giant began to try to make breakthrough in market segments. Intelligent lighting, automotive lighting, agriculture and medical lighting, architectural lighting, optical communications market by the vast number of production enterprises and concerns. For example in the UVLED market, product unit price higher than General LED dozens of times, a huge investment in a market that attracts manufacturers.

As the capital integration become more and more mature, LED companies are no longer content to stare at the LED the market, apart from LED the entire upstream and downstream industry chain and outside, many lighting companies have been moving money "within" thrust into areas other than lighting, investments, media, Internet, sports and so on according to the hot trend of enterprise capital.