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2017 Turkish International LED Lighting Exhibition

Sep 25, 2017

Basic information:

Exhibition Time: 2017/9/21 to 2017/9/24

Venue: Turkey, Istanbul

Organizer: MARMARA


Exhibition Scope:

LED Lighting: Indoor and outdoor lighting, street lamps, industrial lighting, decorative lighting

LED bulb lamp, LED fluorescent tube, LED traffic signal control system, LED display, led signs and monitors, led other products

LED components: drive, power supply, adapter, control system, LED chip, LED module

LED production equipment: dispensing machine, solid crystal machine, color separation/splitter, LED cutting machine, spectrum detector, moisture-proof cabinets, etc.

More information

"Introduction to the exhibition"

LED and LED lighting is the only professional LED application exhibition in Turkey, has been held 12 sessions, the exhibition has been the Turkish national Energy and Natural Resources Department of support. Display products have led all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting, LED display, LED advertising products and decorative products and LED components.

2016 in Istanbul IFM Exhibition Center 9, no. 10th Exhibition Hall was successfully exhibited, the exhibition has a total of nearly 300 exhibitors, including 122 international manufacturers, respectively, from 18 countries and regions of the United States, Italy, Germany, Finland, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Russia, Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Egypt, Canada, Slovenia, Greece and other countries, 4 days of the exhibition a total of 21,236 professional visitors, the current China has nearly 40 companies to participate in the exhibition, compared with the 2015 78 Chinese exhibitors, there has been a larger decline, but this led to the situation because of the 16 years of military coups, With the restoration and stabilization of the soil situation, it is expected that the number and size of exhibitors will grow again in 2017.

"Market Overview"

Turkey is one of the emerging markets and a member of the European Customs Union. The location of Turkey in Europe and Asia affects the Balkans, Eastern Europe, CIS countries, the Arab States and the Middle East and North Africa. Turkey LED lighting market higher, the current lighting and lighting markets in Turkey, the size of about 300,000,005, 0 U.S. dollars. For the past four years, the Turkish economy has expanded at a rate of nearly two digits a year, with a growth rate of up to 7% last year and a 5% per cent forecast this year. With the booming development of local construction, manufacturing and tourism, and the trend towards energy-saving products, it is expected to continue to grow at least twice times in 10 years! The international rating agencies have affirmed the performance of a stable economic recovery in Turkey for half a year. Moody's has raised the Turkish government's credit rating from BA3 to BA2 level. Moody's said the Turkish economy has begun to recover and capital markets are doing well and have begun to attract capital inflows. In addition, Turkey's economy is expected to sustain strong growth over a longer period, with a series of structural reforms to improve its ability to fight foreign crises.