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2019 Turkey International Brand Lighting Exhibition

Sep 16, 2019

  Exhibition time: 2019/9/18 to 2019/9/21

  Location: Istanbul exhibition center, Turkey

  Organizer: UBM & NTSR exhibition group


  Exhibition scope:

  LED lighting: indoor lighting, building lighting, street lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, shopping mall lighting, all kinds of bulbs

  (2) decorative lighting: chandeliers, floor lamps, lamps, spotlights, wall lights, crystal lights, neon lights, stage lighting, etc

  (3) various electronic components and semiconductor products: diode, crystal, memory, processor, integrated circuit, photoelectric and display devices, connector, all kinds of micro switches, relays, cables, filters, inductors, resistors, capacitors, transformers, microwave components, piezoelectric components, LED lighting and display screens;System integration and subsystem, IC packaging technology, electronic manufacturing equipment, etc

  (4) lighting manufacturing equipment: lighting manufacturing equipment, manufacturing engineering related equipment, lighting modules, parts assembly, installation related equipment, other related equipment

  The detailed information

  Exhibition introduction

  Turkey international brand lighting exhibition is the most important, the most authoritative and the largest lighting exhibition in Turkey and even in the Middle East.

 The 12th for the exhibition in 2019, with a long history and enjoys a high reputation, the ministry of commerce in Turkey, Turkey lighting association, engineering association, association of lighting industry in Germany, Italy, Belgium lighting lighting association engineering association under the assistance of support, the exhibition has become enterprises to explore the market in Turkey and the Middle East and Europe is one of the important ways.

  IstanbulLight represents the innovation and excellence of the Turkish lighting industry and aims to promote commercial communication across the lighting industry, creating a new platform for the development of new products and technologies and attracting exhibitors and professional buyers from all over the world.

  [Turkish market background]

  Turkey is a country that straddles the two continents of Europe and Asia. Its geographical location and geopolitical strategic significance are extremely important. It is a crossroads connecting Europe and Asia and can affect the Balkan region, eastern Europe, cis countries, Arab countries, Middle East and north Africa region.

  With the development of the local economy, the productivity of Turkey's lighting industry has been greatly improved, making Turkey one of the most potential lighting producers in the world.Istanbul, the city with the largest concentration of Turkish people, is also the economic center of Turkey.

  There are more than 1,800 lighting enterprises in Turkey, 70% of which are mainly OEM products, most of which are from China.

  The current lighting market in Turkey mainly consists of commercial lighting, industrial lighting, retail display lighting and architectural lighting.