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2020 Global Intelligent Lighting And Control Market Will Reach $59.1 Billion

Jan 19, 2017

P&S according to market research firm Market Research Statistics, global lighting and control market is expected to be US $22.11 billion from 2014 to 2020 $59.1881 billion, a compound annual growth rate of 17.8%. Declining average selling prices of LED bulbs-led global intelligent lighting and control market growth. LED lights than any other traditional lighting used in much cheaper. LED light improves lighting brightness and lower power consumption, reduced production costs. LED lamp average prices have been falling, LED bulb permeability is increased, further accelerating the growth of intelligent lighting and control market.

The Asia-Pacific region leads the global market for intelligent lighting equipment and controls, is expected to maintain its dominant position. Asia-Pacific intelligent lighting and control market is expected to remain the fastest growth rate. Growth than in other areas of the Asia-Pacific region is mainly due to the new construction resulted in a great demand and strong economic growth, especially China, a substantial increase in applications of LED lights in the area.

Energy management systems and security and access control system, and promoted the development of the smart home market. Smart home is equipped with a special connecting platforms, enabling residents to control household devices. The market in developed countries has made progress and is expected to make further progress in developing countries, Governments enhance supervision, reducing energy consumption, increase consumer awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Intelligent lighting control system to promote the development of intelligent control of global markets. Security problems that had plagued the commercial office building owners and tenants. How to ensure the personal and property safety? through the integration of intelligent lighting control system, operating personnel through the lighting control, preset timetable control switch of the light period, providing a comfortable lighting environment. In addition, if late at night in violation of safety regulations, the light will automatically open in the region, activate the camera and record intruder behavior and prompt operators to take appropriate action. Combination of intelligent lighting and physical security for smart devices and control rapid growth provides a good opportunity to market.