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Luxsky Lighting:How To Make A Successful Office Lighting Project?

Jun 10, 2017

What are the elements of a good office lighting project?

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① comfort, office decoration to create comfort in the light, color and effort. Will make the staff feel comfortable, work has enthusiasm.

② order sense, in the design of the order is the shape of the repeated, the rhythm of the shape, the shape of the integrity and shape of the complete and clean.

③ modern, the current office decoration, not only the pursuit of simple and generous, but also focus on modern visual effects.

Good office light environment should be a physical and mental health, energy efficient and efficient light environment, which includes the full use of natural light, artificial light of the reasonable set and control, natural light and artificial light reasonable configuration and coordination, As well as artificial light environment on the natural light environment simulation and so on.

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2, the owners of the requirements are often what is the most valued what is it?


The owners of the requirements are often high-quality products, preferential prices, of course, the most valued is excellent service,

3, in the office lighting engineering design process need to pay attention to what?


In the office lighting engineering design need to pay attention to a number of factors, including the appropriate illumination, high color rendering, the appropriate color temperature, anti-glare, three-dimensional and sense of direction, the installation of lamps, the entire project control costs (money) and Efficient and lighting brands and quality, business services.

4, the basic requirements of office lighting environment?


The most basic requirements are uniform and comfortable.

Office lighting design, the first is the office of the bright degree of the request, that is, the requirements of the standard illumination, illumination and light objects between the size of the light object brightness, brightness contrast. Different occasions on the brightness also have different requirements, office, conference room, exhibition hall and residential requirements for the brightness will be different.

5, office lighting project lighting how to choose the most popular lamps which type?


Choose different fixtures according to the space environment and needs.

More popular wired light without light, indirect lighting lamp, up and down the light chandelier.

6, and finally, in conjunction with the theme of this article, what do you think of the different characteristics of the bar lights and other lamps? Office installation bar lights compared with other lamps have any advantage?


Line lights with the system module can be any combination, unlimited connection, to achieve continuous without shadow of the continuous light band.

Office installation bar lights relative to other lamps for the appearance of simple, continuous decorative better, flexible installation, light direction of strong guidance

led linear lamps:

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