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A Year-end Event Is Poised For The LED Industry To Start The New Decade Journey

Dec 17, 2018

 Today, we are ready to send. 

God, we will shine. After a great preparation and a tense sprint, we finally reached the front of the 2018 senior led 10 annual meeting. From 2008 to 2018, senior led in the same industry enterprises have experienced precipitation, outbreak, prosperity, shuffling a series of processes, in the industry trend is gradually fresh now, many people think that under the sun, do not need to say more. 

However, the new technology has begun, the new situation is surging, these will be 13th this month and 14th of the senior led 10 annual meeting on the one by one unlock! 

New display--mini/micro LED, Airbnb or key weapon? Mini led refers to the grain size of about 100 microns of LED Chip, is a new generation of related technology, small spacing and backlight is now its two major out of the sea. 

Ggii predicts that the 2018 mini LED application Market size is expected to reach 300 million yuan, 2018-2020 Mini LED is expected to maintain about 175% growth, the 2020 mini LED market size will reach 2.2 billion yuan. Micro LED is also known as μled or miniature led, as early as 2014 Apple has acquired micro LED screen developer Luxvue, and has been engaged in nearly 4 years of research and development, with a large number of microled IP. Under the influence of Apple micro led mass production rumors, Micro led in 2018 years continued to be the domestic and foreign led, display enterprises attention and follow up. 

Senior Production Research LED Research Institute (GGII) forecast that 2019 micro LED market size is expected to reach 100 million yuan, 2020-2025 Micro LED is expected to maintain about 75% growth, the 2025 micro LED market size will reach 4.9 billion yuan. Of course, hot trends are bound to spark hot discussions. Mini/micro LED, which has been talked about for so long by the public, is it a castle in the mountains, or is it a key weapon to drive the development of enterprises? Can sit a new type of display "head to the top", technology for the king or business model mainly? 

At that time in the 2018 senior led 10 annual meeting site, Dongshan Precision, Huachan optoelectronics, Crystal Taiwan shares, powerful giant color, Chau science and technology, light Xiang technology and other upstream and downstream enterprises "together with Huashan test than sword", open the new display door of the golden key in whose hands? 

Wisdom--where exactly is the brightest light? Artificial intelligence has set off a wave of new human lifestyles around the world. 

Wisdom, but also always stir the nerves of the enterprise. 2017, with the development of technology, product maturity, manufacturers actively promote, wisdom related concepts to popularize, China's smart market into a high-speed development stage, the market size of nearly 26.4 billion yuan, the annual growth rate reached 80%. 

Senior Production Research LED Research Institute (GGII) predicts that in 2018, the domestic led intelligent market will increase by 46.6% year-on-year to 38.7 billion yuan, the domestic led intelligence market will maintain high-speed growth in the next few years, 2020 China's smart scale can reach 83 billion yuan. However, many people believe that the wisdom at this stage is not real intelligence. When will the pinnacle of wisdom arrive? Exactly take the enterprise as the main body? Or is it dominated by platform enterprises? 

At that time, Xin Enoch, Shanghai Think twice, microelectronics, Foshan, Bilda will gather together to express their views, combing the future direction of wisdom, let us in the annual meeting on the scene to find out! Cars-foreign monks can recite the scriptures? 

Not sure! With the withdrawal of halogen lamps, automotive headlights gradually become the "world" of LEDs. However, China's automotive chips, packaging, modules are mainly Philips, Osram, Ke Rui and other international giants firmly control, on the one hand, because the car system compared to lamps more miscellaneous, the technical threshold is higher, on the other hand, because the supply of headlights in front of the market is relatively closed, domestic access to the pre-installation market is relatively few enterprises. 

Therefore, many domestic led enterprises pay more attention to the post-installation market. However, some powerful domestic enterprises have begun to power cars, brewing their own strength. In subsequent developments, will they put their own benchmarks in key territories? What are the first obstacles to break through? What will companies do in the ultra-high requirements of the car gauge? 

At this annual meeting, Jing Ke Electronics, BYD, Hongli Zhi Hui, singularity Automobile, Zhongtai automobile, Anrui optoelectronics Six enterprises will conduct a round-table dialogue, focus on the automotive sector you, may find the answer you want. 

Innovation Special-No gimmicks, focus on real things New chips, new packages, new devices, new materials and applications, innovation has always been a top priority for mid-midstream enterprises. 

In their eyes, scale is Shou, innovation is attack, both offensive and defensive, is the necessary foundation of have been victorious. And what is more important now is how to integrate technology and product innovation into the real value growth of the enterprise? 

In the annual meeting of senior workers, Xinyi Chang, Mega optoelectronics, Big Energy Zhizao, dazzling Zhizao, Asahi Optoelectronics, Taiwan Science and Technology six contention: behind the word innovation, what kind of development path is hidden? The stage is lit, the seat is set, then, we do not disappear!