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All The Way,Lighting Industry Cooperation Summit Forum And 2017 Lighting Industry Supply Chain Conference Successfully Held

Sep 23, 2017

September 21, 2017, "all the way" Lighting Industry Cooperation Summit Forum and 2017 lighting industry supply chain conference in Guangdong Huizhou Fuli Renaissance Hotel held ceremoniously. The Forum by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce guidance, Guangdong Province Lighting Electrical Association host. Cao Deputy director, European Central Asia Division, Ministry of Commerce cooperation Guangdong Provincial Office of Commerce Fair Trade Bureau and Foreign Economic Cooperation director Li Yongyi Director, provincial Business Office Foreign Economic Cooperation Department Wen Xiao Deputy Director, Yunnan Province Qujing Standing Committee, Xuanwei party committee Zhu Park Secretary, China White Industrial Park development company CEO Zhengzhi, Guangdong Province productivity, import and export, Foreign economic Cooperation, cross-border electrical business, logistics, design industry and other Business (association) president, Hong Kong Trade Promotion Bureau, Taiwan Cross-strait Lighting Association representatives, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Hebei and other provinces (city) lighting Electrical Associations President (Secretary-General), Guangdong Province lighting production Area Lighting Association president (Secretary-General), finance, insurance, legal, audit , tax and other service agencies and experts and scholars from all over the world, business leaders, representatives of nearly 400 people attended the forum. Association president Wu Wenfeng in the Forum on the "momentum and the homeopathy, and comprehensively open up the area all the way lighting emerging markets" keynote speech.

This forum to "promote innovation, promote cooperation, share the whole road construction results" as the theme, focusing on the development of lighting industry facing the dilemma, in order to promote small and medium-sized enterprises to market the pace of innovative products as the center, around the optimization of the global distribution of lighting industry chain, the establishment of a close market cooperation mechanism, the search for new growth Forum Lighting Industry Supply Chain Conference, Lighting Industry Development Summit and "all the way" Lighting Industry Cooperation Summit Forum three links. 

The General Assembly of the supply chain mainly engaged in the procurement and supplier docking exchanges, NVC lighting, Chau Ming, Long Vance, overclocking three released 2018 years of procurement information, nearly 200 suppliers to participate in docking and interactive exchange activities, Yunnan Zhong Xuan Liquid Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen overclocking three technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen City Jia name Technology Limited also carried out "liquid metal technology Lighting Market Application", "high-power LED lighting cooling technology development trends", "PCI superconducting materials lighting industrial applications" and other new technologies, new product promotion activities. This is the second session of the Association of Industrial Supply chain, through the effective integration of supply chain, the establishment of a coordinated and orderly partnership, the realization of the core competence of the enterprise organic integration and resource sharing, improve the upstream and downstream information asymmetry, reduce the hidden procurement costs, to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and supporting enterprises, To enhance product value and price competitiveness. 

China's lighting industry Development summit mainly by the "all the way Lighting Industry Alliance" initiator representatives attended, the meeting adopted the Lighting Industry Alliance to form a program, the Alliance Convention and the Alliance resolution, the alliance by the provincial Business department as a guide unit, Guangdong Province Lighting Electrical Association as a supervision unit, The consortium is scheduled to complete and begin operation by the end of 2017. 

After the summit, all leaders, experts, business representatives, representatives of the cross-border association attended the "all the way lighting industry Cooperation Summit Forum." 

Cao, deputy director of the European Central Asia Office of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the construction of the "area along the road" is our country's national strategy, the Ministry of Commerce actively support enterprises to "go out" to participate in economic and trade cooperation and capacity cooperation. Cao Deputy director on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce Cooperation department fully affirmed the association in leading the lighting enterprises to participate in the "All the way" construction efforts, Guangdong Lighting enterprises actively participate in the investment and construction of the White Industrial park to give a high evaluation, and the association set up a lighting industry alliance, (a) to make positive and strong support for the alliance mechanism, which is aimed at market cooperation. As the Forum co-organizer, Yunnan province Qujing party Committee, Xuanwei party committee Zhu Park Secretary of the Forum also attended the speech, Zhu Secretary highly praised the Guangdong lighting industry's development achievements, and said Xuanwei is building "China Liquid Metal Valley", hope to strengthen cooperation with Guangdong lighting Enterprises, Promote the docking extension of the downstream industrial chain of liquid metal, popularize the market application of new and high-efficiency heat dissipation material in the field of illumination, and contribute to the development of lighting industry.

China White Industrial Park development company CEO Zhengzhi in the Forum introduced the situation of the Sino-White Industrial Park. According to Hu's general introduction, the Sino-White Industrial Park is the state-level project that the heads of the two countries pay attention to and promote in person. Belarus is the center of Europe, connecting the important hub of the Eurasian market, the gateway for the Silk Road economy into Europe. The White Industrial Park is located 25 kilometers east of the capital Minsk of Belarus, occupies an area of 91.5 square kilometers, officially started in 2012, the total construction period plan 30, is Belarus's first globalization industrial park, will build a 200,000 population international Airport new city. October 2016, the Sino-White Industrial park and the Guangdong Province Lighting Association signed a cooperation agreement, cooperation in the construction of the park project: Sino-White (Guangdong) optoelectronics Technology Industrial Park. Photovoltaic industrial Park covers an area of 3000 acres, planning and construction into research and development, production, testing, trade, logistics and other integrated production center, for the lighting industry into the European market to build a frontier base, is the only lighting production base in the white industrial park. At present, Guangdong Lighting enterprises have been stationed in China White (Guangdong) optoelectronics Technology Industrial Park. 

Guangdong Province Lighting Electrical Association president, Guangdong Asia Technology Group chairman Wu Wenfeng in the forum was entitled "On the Tide, with homeopathy, and comprehensively open up the area all the way lighting emerging markets" keynote speech. Wu pointed out that the lighting industry is one of the three new strategic industries in Guangdong, the scale of more than 4,000 enterprises, engaged in the employment of 3 million people in the industry, involving lighting and related business of listed companies 22, of which 21 lighting enterprises (including concurrently run enterprises) into the Guangdong Enterprise 500 strong. 2016 industry scale of 350 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 60% of the country, exports of 29 billion U.S. dollars, accounted for the national lighting products exports 70%. However, the Guangdong lighting industry after more than 10 years of rapid development, there has been a structural overcapacity, the market pace of innovation products of small and medium-sized enterprises are blocked, and some businesses are even under the threat of survival. Leading the industry to crack the industry development predicament, looking for new market growth point, continue to maintain industrial advantage is as the provincial industry association duty-bound obligations. In recent years, Guangdong Lighting enterprises in technology innovation, product innovation and business model innovation and so on have done a lot of work, enterprise transformation and upgrade has made great strides, but because of serious overcapacity, the domestic market competition is increasingly fierce, enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, such as profit decline, resulting in difficulties in enterprise development Expanding overseas markets, especially overseas emerging markets, will be an effective way for companies to increase market size. After the proposed "All along the Way" initiative, China has actively established economic and trade partnership with the countries along the "area", signed a cooperation agreement with more than 40 countries or organizations, cooperated with more than 30 countries, built 56 economic and trade cooperation zones in more than 20 countries, and negotiated free trade agreements with the countries concerned. With the deepening of bilateral or multilateral economic and trade, our government and state-owned enterprises will increase the investment of infrastructure in the country along the line, promote the rapid development of local economic construction, increase their national consumption power, activate the huge lighting emerging market and advance the industry and market layout, and will gain the opportunity to occupy the emerging lighting However, the Guangdong lighting industry is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, independent access to the "area all the way" capacity is insufficient, many entrepreneurs can only be deterred. Therefore, the association in the Forum put forward the formation of "all the way Lighting Industry Alliance" initiative, hope that through the establishment of market cooperation for the purpose of industrial alliances, organizations have a common goal of small and medium-sized enterprises to build a close cooperation system, self-built quality certification system as a brand and image to promote, according to market demand to organize The establishment of joint marketing and joint after-sales service system for customers along the line to provide "one-stop" product supply and after-sales service, jointly undertake the "area all the way" large-scale lighting projects. At the same time, through the integration of logistics, import and export, foreign investment, insurance, forensic, assessment, testing and financial services resources, the establishment of public consultation services Platform for enterprises to provide integrated services. The initiative was unanimously supported by companies, and at the summit, the 15 coalition sponsors voted to adopt the "Area Lighting Industry Alliance Convention", which decided to complete the alliance and begin to operate before the end of this year. Wu pointed out that the main task of the Industry Alliance: the first is to improve the overseas market cooperation mechanism construction, the second is to speed up the construction of overseas frontier industrial bases; third, promote the mutual recognition of product market access standards; four is to create "International lighting culture Festival" as the carrier of the new trade model; Five is to win government policy and financial support.

21st Morning, the association also attended the forum leaders at all levels, industry association president and some enterprises to Huizhou Rays Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Huizhou overclocking three photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. to visit. After the end of the forum also organized the Guangdong Province Lighting Electrical Association fifth session of the Third Council, 2017.5 years of work has been summed up, and clear the second half of this year's work plan, through the vote to adopt a new vice president, standing directors, directors and many other resolutions.