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Australia Audiovisual Integrated Equipment Exhibition Integrate 2018

Aug 08, 2018

Exhibition Time: 2018/8/22 to 2018/8/24

Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizer: INFOCOMM

Organizer: Beijing Hua Zhan Reed International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Scope:

Exhibits range: led display, display and screen, interactive smart whiteboard, audio equipment, digital signage system, multi-touch display, audio-visual integrated system, sound equipment, building and indoor sound efficiency systems, recording and editing equipment, studio technology, audio and public conference system-specific accessories; design and installation, laser technology and effect

; Multi-party collaborative conference equipment, entertainment technology, projection equipment and technology, command and control system, information processing and management system, security and automation system, etc. Professional sound and recording equipment: DJ Equipment, stage engineering technology; professional audio, acoustic equipment, amplifier, microphone and accessories, conference and Public Broadcasting System, recording and reproducing equipment, mixing tables and boxes, accessories, such as studio facilities, stage and studio technology, professional lighting and sound engineering design, electro-acoustic equipment and equipment, audio-visual technology

, fever equipment, lighting and audio accessories equipment, professional lighting and audio related computer hardware and software;

More information As a developed capitalist country, the service and entertainment industry in Australia is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. In recent years, concerts, plays, stage musicals, concerts have become the symbol of Sydney, large-scale performances and concerts almost every half a month in Sydney have staged, visible entertainment industry in the Australian national economy, the pivotal position.


And the Australian market for stage lighting, sound, broadcast systems and stage equipment needs, and integrate as the Australian region's most professional stage lighting audio exhibition, for international manufacturers and Australian local professional buyers, to build a bridge. According to statistics, 2017 professional viewers more than 20,000 people, including Australia's local audience accounted for 87%, New Zealand and the surrounding Australian countries, the audience accounted for 6%, the rest are from South America and Asia audience. The survey provided by the General Assembly shows that professional audio, stage lighting, audio-visual equipment and conference and broadcast systems are ranked in the top four of the audience's purchasing intent. A one-time order of more than 50,000 U.S. dollars accounted for all the signed contract 43.1%, visible integrate not only professional stage show, but Australia's largest stage trade show.