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Borrowing Force In The :area All The Way, China's Led Industry How To Develop!

Aug 25, 2017

Just over the past May, a major international cooperation summit in Beijing, the perfect fall of the curtain, that is the "all the Way" summit forum! And one of the most led industry practitioners, along the way will give our LED display of what kind of development opportunities?

Where does the product tie go? How to go on the road of enterprise development? "The area all the way +" era, LED integration in this can produce $number effect?

According to the relevant information: 2016 Global LED Display market scale of $16 billion, is expected in 2020, the global LED display market size will reach 31 billion U.S. dollars. On the other hand, with the development of technology and the acceleration of industrial globalization, the Chinese LED display industry has become an important country in the global LED display industry, whether it is technology application or market share. And after entering the 2017, with the globalization process speeding up, international trade also appeared many unstable factors, at the same time the country "along the way" economic strategy continued in-depth, China's LED display industry export of foreign trade and other forms of a strong role in promoting ... In this environment, some enterprises by its influence, was added to the area of the LED display market, there is also a part of the enterprise ancestors, has already spread out foreign markets, the establishment of wholly owned subsidiaries, strong alliances, the layout of foreign authorized Agents network, has been slowly in-depth foreign markets.

It is reported that 2014 to 2016, China with the "area along" the country's total trade with more than US $3 trillion. China's investment in the "along the way" has accumulated over US $50 billion. Chinese companies have built 56 of economic and trade zones in more than 20 countries, creating nearly US $1.1 billion in taxes and 180,000 jobs for the countries concerned. "Along the way" many countries are developing countries, many industries in which the market is still blank, LED display Enterprise market is also like a piece of jade waiting to carve, to Russia, Southeast Asia, represented by the emerging markets are China's LED display products exported to the new blue Sea, is also the Chinese LED screen enterprises into Central Asia and Eastern Europe, an important gateway to the market. 2016 China led focus area products export "all the way" market 73. 7.1 billion U.S. dollars, the national led key areas of exports of products 20. 38%.

From the political environment, since the "All the way" construction, China has been strengthening and along with the national strategic docking, pragmatic cooperation. We should continue to discuss and share together, speed up the construction of land economic corridor and sea cooperation fulcrum, and construct the cooperation mechanism along the line. Deepen international capacity cooperation, drive our equipment, technology, standards and services to go out and achieve complementary advantages. LED display of overseas development of the road also take this to go more smoothly.

In the global market is not a lack of Chinese enterprises, whether in Europe or the United States and other rich countries or underdeveloped countries, LED display after more than 20 years of development, now can be said to also walk in the forefront of the world, small spacing LED display products in the world to suspend the display of cyclones. And many domestic enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, the development of channels, in the world has also begun to flee the pace, access to a place.

Whether it is passively entering the development circle of the "area", or taking the initiative to gain the first chance in this development circle, it is impossible for the blue sea to exist. Passive, it is because the ability to have development will lead in, and the initiative is also because this market has a strong appeal and development prospects. Now, "along the way" construction has taken a solid step, the next step is to promote its stability and the future. Participate in the "All the way" construction, China LED display enterprises to be heavy and road far, let us look forward to the LED display industry how in this time how to add, wonderful "play" this "drama."

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