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Chinese Lighting Market

Jan 19, 2017

Global economy stabilize after repeated fluctuations over the past year, the Mainland of China continued to be the industry as the most promising development of emerging markets, many national policies including the "Thirteen-Five" plan and "along the way" initiative will gradually promote the transformation and upgrading of the Mainland economy, the strengthening of economic integration with the world.

2016 LEDs cumulative production continues to rise, the country in the first half, while incandescent bulb production has continued to fall in the first half, we can see that our LED lighting penetration rate is steadily rising. Meanwhile, 2016 lighting industry total revenue exceeding 2 trillion yuan in China in the first half, still quite eye-catching. In this context, my super 70%-LED enterprise revenue and profit growth.

Because lighting is people's daily life, "demand", and the energy-saving consciousness has improved significantly, as China is increasingly concerned about environmental issues, relative increases in the market demand for environmentally friendly products. According to the survey, 40% visit to lighting fair exhibitors and buyers feel that LED and green lighting in 2017, with the biggest growth potential, increased by 14% over the last year, followed by commercial and home lighting. With the increasing production of LED lighting products, most of the respondents said that in the next 1-3 years, retail price and price will decline. LED application products sectors, 32% per cent of respondents think that the Interior home lighting most potential in the next two years, while 21% the intelligent lighting system has potential.