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Chongyue Signed An Agency Contract With The Silicon Core To Attack The High-end Display Market

Sep 26, 2019

   2019-09-26 source: China LED website read the original text

   SiliconCore Technology inc. has signed an agency agreement with Taiwan's TOPCON to supply led-driven IC products to display manufacturers in Taiwan to meet the growing market demand for Micro LED and Mini LED displays.

   It is reported that silicon core was founded in California silicon valley in 1997, the main business scope in the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan and other regions, for LED high-order small spacing display to provide driver chips and system modules and other solutions.

   Chongyue technology agent silicon core LED driver chip.According to the introduction, compared with the traditional LED display with the Common Anode drive design architecture, the silicon core's highly integrated Common cathode LED PWM driver chip can reduce the surface temperature by more than 25% and reduce the power consumption by more than 40%.This product is suitable for Mini LED and Micro LED display products with high brightness and high resolution.

   Since this year, the silicon core has demonstrated on various occasions its ability to produce small-pitch LED displays spaced less than 1mm apart.