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Delivery Infor:250PCS 5m/roll IP 68 Led Flexible Strips 4500k

Jul 26, 2017

 shipping the goods of 200PCS IP 68 led flexible strips lights to Holland.

thanks for support and trusted from our old customers.very happy to cooperation with you every time.

led flexible strip lights paraemeter:

 Part No.Color  Dimension  LED Qty Voltage Power Lumen±5% PCB IP Rate
 LS-05-F50-WW/NW/CW-150Warm/Natural/Cool-White 10mm*5000mm 150Pcs DC12/24V 36Watts
 White IP20
 LS-05-F50-R/Y/B/G-150 Red/Yellow/Blue/Green 10mm*5000mm 150Pcs DC12/24V 36Watts
 White IP20
 LS-05-F50-RGB-150 RGB Color/Multip Color 10mm*5000mm 150Pcs DC12/24V 36Watts
 White IP20
 LS-05-F50-WW/NW/CW-300Warm/Natural/Cool-White 10mm*5000mm 300Pcs DC12/24V 72watts
 White IP20
 LS-05-F50-R/Y/B/G-300 Red/Yellow/Blue/Green 10mm*5000mm 300Pcs DC12/24V 72watts
 White IP20
 LS-05-F50-RGB-300 RGB Color 10mm*5000mm 300Pcs DC12/24V 72watts
 White IP20

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