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Hillsborough, Us Completes Street Lighting Renovation Project

Jul 27, 2019

Hillsboro, Oregon, completed a $10 million street lighting project that is expected to make the city more efficient and save money over the next decade, foreign media reported.

For years, the city has been working to upgrade its streetlights to leds.City spokesman Patrick Preston says the LED lights are more efficient, cheaper and safer than traditional street lights.

"LED lights can improve visibility for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and reduce light pollution," he said.

The street lighting renovation project has been going on since 2017.Preston says it will save the city more than $450,000 a year in energy costs.

The project, one of the largest energy efficiency projects in the city's history, requires workers to replace more than 4,500 street lights and add new high-tech equipment to provide wireless control of street lights and reduce street lighting time on some low-traffic roads.The device also alerts workers about maintenance problems, Preston said.

LED street lighting retrofitting is part of the city's "smart city" program, which aims to bring more high-tech elements to the city's infrastructure.Hillsborough parks and recreation started a project in 2016 to use sensors to measure the amount of irrigation needed to save water in some city parks.Street lights will act as a network on which future smart city plans can be built, for example by providing community Wifi in parts of the city.