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How To Work With Virtual Welding LED Downlight Death Caused By Light?

Jan 19, 2017

Results in lighting and premise, LED downlight more energy-saving than traditional light sources 80%, life is more than 10 times longer than traditional lamps, also it has high photosynthetic efficiency, easy to control and use limitation features such as wide, thus being of consumers at home and love it.
LED tube light is in great demand, LED downlight also presented on the current market a lot, about factories, in the factory before it is necessary to do useful detection, to prevent bad rendering of the light. Below will teach you how to briefly distinguish virtual welding LED downlight death caused by lights and solution, I wish I could give you food assistance.
Identifying virtual welding death lights
Compare brief distinguished LED tube light but quite effective way of dying lamp does not light the light heats up. We put some bright LED downlight LED heating leads to 200-300, if the LED lamp lights up, but followed the leader in temperature of LED lamp light is not lit, this confirms the LED tube lights are cold solder joint. This situation, stated was caused by cold solder joint LED downlight dead lamp.
Second, dealing with death LED lamp way
1, packaging process ignores is the issue of a form of reason, which LED downlight die lights cause formation of the primary was ignored. If workers accidentally Silver (on the single-chip solder) has too much or too little, is not more plastic will be returning on the chip the gold pads, forming short, little chips and sticky and not in prison. Pressure, time, temperature and power exactly the four parameters common to, or pressure easily crushed chips, too small, easily cold solder joint.
2, dealing with static on the formation damage LED down light stick, incurred in the LED chip PN junction-effect leather dying light approach. LED chip of PN knot off effect leather and incurred died lamp big most is task personnel itself with of provoked up of, human with electrostatic of how, and people wear of differences fabric clothes, and and the everyone of physique about, fall/winter days night we off clothes on is easily saw clothes Zhijian of discharge scene, so task Shi should wear anti-electrostatic clothing, distribution with electrostatic ring, electrostatic ring should grounding superior, has a not need grounding of electrostatic ring anti-electrostatic of results owes good, recommends not using distribution with the species items, if task personnel against operation, You should bear the warning education of response, are starting to notice the effects of others.